Fresno Bee

The Fresno Bee’s new app delivers real-time breaking news and content specifically formatted for your Windows 8 device. Stay on top of the latest developments in Fresno with stories, blogs, photos and more.


  • Expert coverage of news, sports, and weather.
  • Investigative reporting and in-depth stories on local events, features, personality pieces, and entertainment news.
  • Local business and economic news.
  • Community news from Fresno neighborhoods and surrounding counties.
  • The Daily Magazine, special interest stories from our network of newspapers.
  • Highlights include Nation, World and Political coverage, as well as the best journalism from McClatchy Newspapers.

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30 April 2015

If I could rate this a negative I would. I really hope The Fresno Bee can remedy this insufficient app.


26 December 2013

Now this is a good idea. It will only get better. Current local news.


22 October 2013

Slow to update.