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    * Added automatic upload retry for failed items. Fu will try to upload the item up to 3 times. * If an item still fails upload, Fu will now list the names of any files that had issues. * Updated to support Facebook's latest API.


Fu is a Facebook Uploader for Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface. You can now upload Photos AND Videos! Over 29 video formats supported! Also, if a file has a description added via a photo app, such as Windows Live Photo Gallery, you can use those descriptions so you don't have to enter them again on Facebook. You can share two ways: Cool Way #1: From any photo or video app, such as the Photos app, select the images and/or videos you want to share, and select Fu from the Charms menu. It's that simple! Cool Way #2: Choose files within Fu, so you can upload directly from an SD card or from anywhere on your computer. After uploading, you can archive the files to SkyDrive or anywhere on your device, and even delete the files after they've been uploaded and archived. Fu has many features that make sharing great and easy: * Upload photos and videos at the same time. * Create new albums when you share, right inside the app! * Set a global description for all the images you upload! * Use the description stored in the file metadata to save time. * Set privacy settings for new albums! * Set a default album for uploading to save time! Fu even has an odometer so you can see how often you've been sharing! Don't worry - we don't track it - it's just for you to enjoy :) Note: You will need to run Fu once by itself to authorize it to post to your Facebook account. I want to help you with any questions and/or features, so please contact me with feedback or visit the app support site for FREE SUPPORT!


  • Easily upload photos, images, and videos to Facebook from any Windows 8 app or device, such as Photos Hub or an SD card
  • Works great with Microsoft Surface and any Windows 8 device

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7 July 2015

Don`t think about installing this app, it does not work at all , I tried to upload a video, then it tells me to create an album , so I do that , then it tells it failed, so I uninstalled it after several tries, what a disappointment !


23 January 2015

One star rating is being generous for this garbage app. It has never uploading a single thing for me. Always fails. I tried uploading a video one and after 3 hours of no progress, it simply failed. Also half the time the app cannot even retrieve my albums from facebook, thus making me have to create new ones that the app can't even upload anything to. So I basically downloaded a glorified photo album maker with the capability of even uploading photos to it. Yay!


8 January 2014

This beats out "Cog's" Face Book "Up Loader" hands Down. it supports: .MTS, .WMV, MP4 Formats. If you are looking for a great item that will up load to FB then this is it. Note, on some older lap tops, if your Wireless Modem is failing, then it will Fu will fail to up load. I have an acer Net book, its modem does have issues. after plugging in to the either net or tether to cell phone Fu worked fine. The only one issue I have is the "name" wish they could have chosen a better name lol. But functionality is what counts.


5 November 2013

I have Windows 8.1 PC, and hoping to upload some photos from Photos app and it doesn't work. Right after I upload, it tells completed then it fails. Doesn't upload at all no matter how many times I tried. Please fix it. T_T


11 August 2013

this was generous work by the author in response to message board chatter, but for me, it no longer works to share from the Photos app via share charm. It always generates an error message about not retrieving albums, then generates an upload error next. only works if I launch the program alone, which reduces convenience. Hmm. Can't navigate to a picture folder because Fu's not showing it. Can't scroll through more than a page of subdirectory thumbs?


18 June 2013

I would congratulate the developer ,for creating such a simple yet amazing app. It makes uploading a breeze. Five stars from me !


21 May 2013

MS dropped the ball and you picked it up and ran all over the field with it and finally kicked it squarely into the goal! 😊


23 January 2013

Perfect... simple as it can be... suggestion would be to remove the default text "uploaded by Fu" and hide the album options unless you select a checkbox seeking album customization


27 December 2012

I tried Facebook Lite first, but couldn't get it to upload to an existing album. (They replied to my support request, but it turns out their app doesn't allow that.) So I tried "Fu,' despite its iffy name, and it seems to be excellent. I can upload via its Charm from Photos. I can upload multiple photos via the Fu app itself. I can select a Facebook album or create a new album, and it all seems to be working perfectly. I'll come back and reduce its rating if it gives me any trouble! :-P


26 December 2012

It actually works, and well. Add a premium version with the ability to tag friends and I would be happy to pay you $$.

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