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    Updates: - Start a Game without needing to 'swipe-up' - Non-Bench positions are now emphasized in player game summary Fixes: - Inactive players/positions are no longer shown in the assignment lists - Game progress bar(s) now show correct state if application suspended - Assignment lists now do a better job at staying fully on-screen - Current player now shown on position when navigating back to game setup while game in progress - Game history now hidden when game is in progress - Score can no longer be adjusted prior to game start

Game Manager - Soccer

The game is on the line, and you need to know what your options are – who is fresh, who has been in too long, and what was that kid’s name again? Game Manager – Soccer has a soccer-inspired theme that provides a great backdrop for easy to use features like roster management (including pictures and contact information), preconfigured formations (2-4-4, 3-4-3, etc.), substitution timers, and real-time game stats. Spend more time in the game, and become a better coach with Game Manager – Soccer.


  • Follow us on Twitter @GameManagerApp. For help please visit our knowledge base, feedback and feature request site via the 'App support' link below.
  • Store emergency contact information and other must-have-yet-hard-to-always-carry information about each of your players.
  • Supports many popular on field formations, from 4 to 11 players per side.
  • Ability to organize each game individually, or use your previous games as a template.
  • Track who is at each position during the game.
  • View player play time and bench time to efficiently balance play time for all your players.
  • Ability to quickly view high level game statistics.
  • Save game results and review them at a later time.
  • Link a photo and nickname to your players to help learn names and see at a glance who is on the field or waiting to go in at each position.
  • Manage Multiple Teams
  • p mode can now be deactivated during games [configurable]
  • Positions can now be deleted from the 'Edit Position' flyout

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26 August 2014

Sounds like a great idea, not what I'm looking for though


26 April 2014

Pretty good little app, very nice user interface design. . Needs to allow deletion of a position upon edit, rather than just inactivate. Would be cool if you could set up subs all at once then fast forward through the game to model different substitution strategies.


13 February 2014

It looks like it could be really good. I may try it at next indoor game. My one problem with this app is there is no way to have more than one team. I usually coach several teams and it is work to key in the players each time.


3 December 2013

Good for youth teams were coaches have to track playing time and have access to player information. That's about it. Bad: no stat tracker for players, goals, assists, bookings, basically all the important stuff higher class coaches would want Preset formations- should allow coaches to format formations. How can you miss the 4-2-3-1 one of the most used formations present day Only tracks one team I would not recommend this app for any coaches/team beyond recreational soccer


5 November 2013

This is a very nice App for Managing Playing time. App is very easy to use and access information. Sadly it does not keep any stats. If they added Stats, I would give it 5 Stars and Live on it all season. I would happy to pay for a version that added stats.


5 September 2013

This app looks and feels good but is missing all the important stuff. Its difficult to find out where to go to do things like removing a position, or changing the name of the team. It just falls short it feels good but is not user friendly. Bad: - Does not keep any kind of player stats like shooting, passing, yellow cards etc. - Does not allow multiple teams - Does not allow tracking of attendance at practices. Good: -Seems to track game time petty good. - looks pretty


20 April 2013

This app has a ton of great features - positions, subs, player info, scorekeeping, etc. I wish it was more user friendly in letting me change our field set up (2-3-2 vs 1-3-3). Overall very good, but not quite great.


22 March 2013

IT FREEZES UP EVER SINGLE TIME I TRY TO USE IT. I HAVENT GOT IT TO WORK YET. Still trying to get it to work. all player keyed in and then it locks up again and I half to reset again. PLEASE HELPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


5 January 2013

Suggestions: - resolve crashes - present formatios and players on the field not octagons - add 1-2-1-2 and 3-3 formations for 7v7 - let coach prepare the lineup for entire game (e.g.4 quarters) before the game starts - more suggestions available


21 December 2012

Always wanted a good app for coaching my red league team. Definitely will recommend to my coach friends.

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