Game Manager

Game Manager is your best helper for organizing tournaments (round-robin). Define your sport or use predefined sports (chess, soccer) and create multiple tournaments. Run tournaments side by side, pin them to your Start screen and see real-time standings.


  • Use predefined sports: chess, soccer, generic.
  • Define new sports by adding points per win/loss/draw and optional the set of valid results (for sports like chess).
  • Choose your own background image for your tournaments.
  • Organize round robin tournaments by adding participants and selecting a sport. The games are scheduled such that each participant meets the other contestants exactly once.
  • Easily record the game results and see the updated realtime standings, games per player, win/loss record, etc.
  • Navigate to rounds and see current standings up to that round.
  • Run multiple tournaments at the same time, pin them to Start screen and see current leaders in live tiles.

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13 March 2014

This is a very good-looking app and the custom background option is neat... But scorekeeping is hard on a touchscreen, especially when all I need is the ability to mark a winner and a loser. An option to just use checkboxes would be nice.


7 February 2014

Now I need to convince my boss to install a large touch screen next to the ping pong table... :)