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Get It Done Tasks

Organize your life once and for all with our easy to use task list manager! Get It Done is a simple but powerful to-do list and project manager. Sync wirelessly with GetItDoneApp.com or just use this app to organize your tasks. Based off the book, “Getting Things Done” by David Allen, Get It Done lets you focus on what is important for today and keeps everything else out of your way. - Add notes, tags (or categories), and due dates to each task - Rearrange lists with ease - Filter lists with tags or categories - Assign more than one tag to a task - Organize advanced lists with projects - Sync wirelessly with online app (sold separately) at GetItDoneApp.com This app is a mobile version of GetItDoneApp.com. You can sync wirelessly with the online app (sold separately) or you can use just this app alone. Check out what people are saying about Get It Done: “New and Noteworthy” "Great interface by the way. I have looked at a lot of online gtd systems and Get It Done looks very impressive so far." "I've been digging around the web looking at evert GTD app out there. I'm a web dev so I'm looking for a webby interface. I love this." "Are you kidding me?? This is sooo cooool!!!!!! You have made me a customer!!" "I love it, it's the best online task manager yet" Visit our website at GetItDoneApp.com for more information on how Get It Done can help you organize your life once and for all!


  • Task manager
  • Project Manager
  • Share tasks with people
  • Email Tasks
  • Schedule Tasks
  • Repeating Tasks
  • Tag your tasks
  • Sync your tasks to your mobile device
  • Sync with your Evernote account

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4 September 2014

A task list that is advertised as free... then u have to pay for a subscription?!? Come one people, don't lie and say its free, when in fact, it is not free.


10 June 2014

Great app and really easy to use, goes great with the online app at getitdoneapp.com! the latest version clears up some bugs and it also seems much faster too.


18 April 2014

You require a log in in order to use recurring tasks, and then your app crashes every time I try to log in. I think I'll be looking elsewhere - too bad, too, since I was actually enjoying your app before this.


13 January 2014

Best GTD found in MS Market But at US$40 a year fee, there are better options...


4 January 2014

After splashing 2500 on a new Win 8.1 ultrabook, I decided once and for all to get a great task manager. I downloaded everyone I could find on windows store, windows phone, my android tablet. I USED to use the great Tony Robbins "Time of Your Life" prject/life management but they stopped producing years ago and my 1998 version was insanely clunky and slow. This is far better. And my BAR the best management app I found. I downloaded maybe 15 and tried them. In the end I found them so un-intuitive, complex or irritating that I switched to using a simple to-do-list. But as a lawyer I manage oversight of processing 30 draft laws through each stage of the process, manage a team, need projects for communication and deadlines, etc etc. Get it Done is simple, intuitibve and quite simply the best by a long shot. Was so happy I didn´t even bother with free trial I bought it, love it, and will get my whole team on it. Never written an app review. But want to say THANKS and great job. 5*


31 December 2013

Doesn't work well on my Venue Pro. I can't close tasks.


29 October 2013

You can assign tasks which just appear in their in box. But you can share an exact list. Who needs another in box to check


17 August 2013

I've used this app on my RT, a Playbook and a couple of android phones. It's quite good and is an very good implementation of the David Allen Getting Things Done system. There's a web version that sync's to the local apps - it can manage to sync multiple devices with few if any errors. I really like this app and find it very helpful with work. If you like the GTD book this is highly recommended.


20 July 2013

Get it done is the best of a motley selection of task apps on the Surface/MS Store. It needs the customization (icons) of Paperless (iPad) but in other some other ways it's better than Paperless - i.e. project nesting. And it's unclear if I am on 15 day trial, or if I have the free app: as long as I don't use the cloud???? I would never pay $39 a year to use this. No way. Sell me your app once, the get out of the way.


21 June 2013

Not good

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