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    WHAT'S NEW: --------------------------------------- • Minor fix for list item context menu placement RECENT UPDATES: --------------------------------------- • Deeper support for federated environments, Offline content management improvements. • Send documents and list items to OneNote®! • Connect and manage your Box and OneDrive content! • Copy and paste documents between connections! • Connect to your Yammer Networks for Enterprise Social integration! • Take entire Lists & Libraries offline for easy disconnected availability! • Full support for SharePoint 2013/Online Federated (ADFS) environments! • Synchronize and import your connections across devices, including Windows Phone 8! • View ANY list or library with events in a new Calendar View, even if your list doesn’t have a calendar-based view created! • Take action on items requiring workflow content approval, such as Approve/Reject! • Connect directly to your OneDrive content simply by adding it as a connection! • Full support for adding, editing, and updating items with Managed Metadata/Taxonomy properties! • Full support for MOSS 2007 Sites! NOTES: Cisco VPN Users: There are known issues connecting to Windows Store apps via a Cisco VPN client. If you are using a Cisco VPN client you should migrate connections to a Cisco VPN Anywhere client. Calendar Views: Recurring items in Calendar Views may not always appear beyond the initial event. A future update will reflect recurring events correctly.


Access and take action on content in SharePoint Sites on-premises, or in the Cloud, online or offline from any Windows 8 supported device, or version of SharePoint! View SharePoint Sites, documents, lists, libraries, discussions, tasks, announcements and more in common list or library view or in new Windows 8 Active Tile view. Connect to Yammer discussions from directly within GimmalPoint—View, post and even share content directly to any or all of your Yammer Networks. Pin frequently used SharePoint locations right from the Windows 8 Start screen with animated updates through active tiles for the latest information as it is added or updated. Download documents locally, view and edit item and document properties, and leverage enhanced search across multiple sites. Regardless of whether you use SharePoint 2007, 2010 or 2013, on-premises or in the Cloud on Office 365, or using all environments within the same organization, be assured of fast, synced access to all of your information on your Windows 8 touch-enabled desktop, laptop, or tablet! Supports: • Connecting to on premises MOSS 2007, via NTLM, Forms (Basic), Kerberos • Connecting to on premises SharePoint 2010, via NTLM, Forms (Basic), Kerberos • Connecting to on premises SharePoint 2013, via NTLM, Forms (Basic), Kerberos • Connecting to SharePoint 365, both 2010 and 2013 installations, via Microsoft ID and Organization ID • Support for ADFS/Federated Authentication environments. ** GimmalPoint for Windows Phone does not support corporate scenarios involving a "reverse" proxy under certain circumstances.


  • Persistent connections to multiple SharePoint environments including On-Premises: 2007, 2010, 2013 and Office 365 Cloud
  • Ability to pin frequently used SharePoint locations on the start screen with animated updates for latest information
  • Connect to your Yammer Networks for Enterprise Social integration
  • Take entire Lists & Libraries offline for easy disconnected availability
  • Ability to view all SharePoint content including lists, libraries, discussions, tasks and announcements
  • Ability to subscribe to locations for easy access
  • Ability to mark locations as favorites
  • Ability to view libraries and lists in List View or Tile View
  • Supports SharePoint list/library views
  • Ability to switch views of list or library
  • Ability to view item or document properties, or in a browser.
  • Send documents and list items to OneNote®
  • Download documents locally
  • Single-point Search across ALL SharePoint Farms
  • Check in/check out/approve/reject documents
  • Add, upload, edit, and delete list and library items
  • Connect to, add, edit, and manage your OneDrive content
  • Connect to, add, edit, and manage your Box content
  • Connect to, add, edit, and manage your OneDrive for Business content!
  • Copy and paste documents between connections, even between OneDrive, Box and SharePoint seamlessly

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17 May 2014

Microsoft's apps for SP suck. These guys actually look as if they've used the product and implemented something that works. Microsoft seems to hire interns to put crap together. Pleas add the ability to view direct in Office Web Apps and provide exiting too.


9 November 2013

When trying to save a file from another Windows 8 App nothing happens. The application is also still unstable. It does allow you to access everything in SharePoint which is nice but the app still needs some work.


23 October 2013

Looks promising, but despite the claims, this doesn't work in our scenario. We have an Office 365 site that forwards to a secondary login (ADFS I think)? This app just gives me a login failed message. @paulwhit on Twitter


4 October 2013

I mostly work with lists in SharePoint site and the functionality is not upto the mark here. Here is what I find missing in lists - Cannot click on Items row and open the properties - View Properties show everthing but the most important fields are missing i.e. Description and Comments. - I could not find a way to look at attachments on the list item These are just the basic things which I would expect any client to give but it is missing here.


27 August 2013

so far so good.. Will update if any errors or bugs arise. Update: 8.27.2013: Unless I am wrong, there doesn't seem to be a way to view custom created lists, or any list for that matter. Works nice with folders. Update: 8.27.2013: I was wrong.. You just need to expand entire list. Works great.


25 August 2013

The ability to connect to multiple sites looks like it could really streamline the way we support our customers who use SharePoint.


24 August 2013

Makes working with SharePoint convenient and even fun! Also support team is extremely active in fixing issues as soon as possible.


8 August 2013

I tried connecting to 2 different SharePoint sites. I used my company login credentials but nothing ever connected. What am I missing?


19 July 2013

Doesn't seem to work with SharePoint Online if you're using single sign-on (ADFS).


31 May 2013

This app works great in correlation with your SharePoint Site. Although my site is limited in scope, this app shows everything, lists, Excel and Word Documents cleanly with great icons and layout It's also quick being able to gather all the info from your site and launches everything very quickly.

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