Gladinet Cloud

Gladinet Cloud provides Backup, Access, Sync & Share, Identity , Control and Collaboration related cloud online storage solutions. Some key feature highlights: + Access Cloud Storage as Local Drive. You can install Gladinet Cloud Desktop client and access cloud storage as a local drive. + Secure Team Collaboration & Share. You can setup team folders and share files and folders. + Use Gladinet Storage or Your's. You can select to use the default Gladinet storage, or you can plug in your existing Amazon S3, Windows Azure, Google Cloud Storage and etc accounts. + Convert Local Storage to Cloud. It is very easy to convert your local on-premise storage to cloud storage, and also integrate your multiple site file structure into one namespace. With the Windows Store App, you can connect to your Gladinet Cloud account and view your files and folders.


  • Browser Files and Folders
  • Open Files and Folders
  • Share Files and Folders
  • Comment on File and Folders
  • Upload/Download files