Goalie is an easy to use goal achievement program. Want to lose weight? Set a goal and then assign yourself tasks to achieve that goal! Keep track of your accomplishments with our sister program Quick List which is included with Goalie! All of your Goalie tasks automatically move to Quick List for easy tracking. Goalie uses active tiles so you don't forget your goals. Great for SIMPLE project tracking where you have one goal and multiple tasks to achieve to complete your project. This is not a complex project management system, it is a simple goal and task tracker for people who just want to check things off list without scheduling dates or resources. Simply select today, tomorrow, this week, next week or future for tasks and off you go. Super easy to schedule recurring tasks such as walk 1 mile every day or call office every week. Quick List is included with Goalie! Quick List is an easy-to-use task manager for to-do lists, projects, work items or purchase list. It allows you to create, view and manage your daily, weekly and future activities. If you do not complete an activity for the day it automatically rolls to tomorrow so that no activities are ever lost. Quick List stays on your active tiles so that your important actions of your day can be readily available.


  • Create a simple check list of goals, no limit to how many goals to set
  • Schedule to do list for today, tomorrow, this week, next week or the future
  • Schedule recurring tasks with a simple click
  • See quick History of all your completed tasks and the date completed

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2 January 2014

Good simple interface but is a little oversimplified. For example you can only assign the choice of today, tomorrow, next week, etch to tasks. You can't select specific target dates and associated reminders . If only the real world were that simple. If this were added it would be a good basic app.