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    NOTE: You must be connected to the internet the first time Gobble is run in order to function properly. Performance is dependent on the speed of your processor and bandwidth. Please send all suggestions and bug reports to support@visland.com. The app will need to initialize default data when started for the first time. If your email contains profanity, your email will end up in the SPAM folder and will not get responded to and using the rating system to get special attention will not get you the desired results. Adding a page break to keep your rating at the top is childish behavior. Current Version: Release Date: December 10, 2014 Release #72 - Updates for Device Sync and Downloads Release Notes have been moved to: http://visland.azurewebsites.net/Gobble/ ReleaseNotes.aspx


Gobble is a video and audio podcatcher/podcast manager for Windows 8.1 Pro, Windows 8.1 RT, and Windows Phone 8.1. The Windows Phone companion app is now available in the Windows Phone Store for phones running Windows Phone 8.1. While Gobble 2.0 was been rebuilt from the ground up to support Windows 8.1, Gobble 3.0 has been built to take advantage of the Universal App features now availble for Windows Store and Windows Phone Apps. As Gobble evolves, functionality will be added to improve usability on specific device types and form factors. Gobble is pre-loaded with a set of popular podcast feeds that have been tested to work with the application. In addition to the pre-loaded feeds, users can search the integrated online podcast catalog or can add their own podcast feeds. The application is optimized for performance and takes advantage of multi-threading capabilities of today's modern processors and can provide for both online and offline viewing of podcasts.


  • Customizeable Central Hub to keep up with the latest episodes
  • Support for Background Audio Playback and Media Keyboards
  • Support for user supplied feeds
  • Ability to set Favorites for Feeds
  • Thumbnail Support for Podcasts
  • Customizeable User Interface including setting background page color
  • Background Download of new episodes
  • Import Podcasts using OPML
  • Large Online Catalog: Revision3, TWiT, CNET, Engadget, G4TV, NASA, PBS, E!Online, NBC, and many more
  • Support for PlayTo Network Devices
  • My Playlist support and New Show Playlist support
  • Support for continuous payback
  • App Live Tile and Secondary Live Tile support
  • Hide or show previously viewed items
  • Pre-Loaded Video Podcast Content and Integrated Online Catalog for more Audio and Video content
  • Download shows to your Video or Music library for offline viewing
  • Synchronized subscriptions across devices when signed in with Microsoft Account
  • Support for secure RSS feeds
  • Offline Podcast Player and Manager

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29 January 2016

If I could rate this as a zero I would. The app installed OK but never downloaded podcasts properly on my Surface 2. I emailed the developer with my comments multiple times. It appeared he wasn't that interested in correcting the issue so I asked for my money back to which he hasn't responded or followed up. I've uninstalled the app and have concluded that it was a waste of time and money.


5 May 2015

Also, the developer is very responsive. Like this better than iTunes. Only minor glitches in subscriptions.


7 April 2015

App crashes frequently. Interface is confusing and feels very unpolished on the desktop. Syncing between the desktop and phone appears to work though. While it's not perfect or even particularly great as far as I know it's the only podcast app that syncs between desktop and PC. Just expect to have to fight it a bit before you get things working.


24 January 2015

Lots of buffering issues for the last year. In the middle of a video, it just freezes, and how to wait for it to buffer. Developer doesn't seem to care. For the last year, this app has been freezing a lot, and crashing. Freezes in the middle of a show. It would just say buffering. Wish their was an export feature. I have email the developer many times. Never seems to fix anything Issues never been fixed.


6 January 2015

Missing pretty basic functionality like: categories There is no way to sort your podcasts besides picking ones as favorites. I want to separate my tech podcasts from my sex podcasts. Importing podcasts is buggy. to import about 30 podcasts I had to click on each one individualy and then I had to guess that there was a hidden menu with the import button... like this is the import screen. Why would you hide the import button like it's not important. anyways I had to go through that process like 7 times cause it would only import a handful of podcasts at a time. The interface seen to get laggy the more podcasts I add, and the whole app feels kinda slow and buggy now.


3 June 2014

The title says it all. This is one of the best apps that I have found for the Surface RT. It does everything that I wish for it to do, and I am sure that it will only get better as time goes on. Thanks very much for this Windows 8/RT gem. Version 1.3 only makes a great app even better. Great job guys... Update: 18Dec12, it just keep getting better and better. Thanks guys... Update: 3May13, This is still the best Podcast app that I have used, regardless of platform. Don't stop... It just continues to get, better and better. Thank you very much...


21 March 2014

I'm a podcast enthusiast, and I've tried most of the podcatchers available on the Windows App Store. Gobble is by far the most polished, feature-rich one I've found. I'm using this both on my desktop PC (x64) and Surface 2 (ARM), and I'm thrilled with the performance of the app in both places. Subscribing to a podcast in one place automatically adds it to the other -- a great feature. There were two bugs I found with the previous version of the app. I contacted the developer about these, and both bugs are fixed in this build. Now that's service! If you've been disappointed with the quality of podcatchers on the Windows App Store, I highly recommend trying out Gobble. It's what a Windows 8 application should be.


9 March 2014

Initially I viewed Gobble as a handy app. Now after several months of use and several upgrades provided by the publisher, I would now rate it as a tool. Reliable, stable, and flexible while providing features that are typically associated with apps costing much more. Thanks You Visland


24 February 2014

The layout is nice. The scrolling ends up being horrid though. To choppy. Need to be able to subscribe and automatically download new episodes as well as add your own feeds. Update: still unable to automatically download...ugh


27 January 2014

This is by far the best podcast app on Windows 8. However, it doesn't have any of the podcasts I subscribe to and that's a little depressing. I listen to Marek vs Wyshynski, Hockey Central at Noon, Hockey Night in Canada, and the Backhand Shelf. This app has none of these. I listen to tech podcasts too, but the app has all of them. Moar sports podcasts please!

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