goDog Fetch

goDog Fetch is your new personal digital assistant to find things faster. Imagine one assistant that works on all the devices you use throughout your busy day, from the time your wake up and check the weather forecast, your email and news, to the time you get in your car and bring up a traffic report or get driving directions, to the time you're at work on your computer, your smartphone, tablet or at home watching TV, goDog is there to help you. Currently available for Windows 8.1 and Android, with iPhone, iPad, Smart TV, PC / Mac web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE) and in-car navigation coming soon. Some questions you can ask goDog "What can I say" "Nearest pizza restaurants" "Nearest Mexican food" "Highest rated Italian restaurants" "I want sushi" "Nearest Starbucks" "Closest gas station" "Nearest bank" "Where is Walmart" "Call Costco" "Driving directions to Petco Park" "Send an SMS message to John Smith, I'm on my way to the ballpark see you soon" "Share my location with John Smith" "Translate good afternoon how are you to French" "Translate how do I get to the airport to Italian" "Who was George Washington" "Abraham Lincoln" "Calculate 20% of 75" "What is the meaning of life" For a head-to-head comparison of goDog Fetch vs. Apple Siri and Samsung S-Voice (Nuance Vlingo), see our video at https://vimeo.com/73754162 goDog Fetch can be found under personal digital assistant, voice assistant, voice search, personal assistant, voice recognition, Apple Siri, Google Now and Cortana.


  • Free form natural voice commands
  • 13 customizable voices
  • Local business search
  • Search by user ratings and reviews
  • Turn-by-turn driving directions
  • Quiet mode keyboard input (great for noisy places, restaurants, trains or during a quiet meeting)
  • Translates in 8 languages

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30 December 2014

"Type you credit card and password to use this app"


8 November 2014

a bit like siri


7 August 2014

App is worthless. Could not locate anything. Tried numerous setting changes to no avail. Uninstalled app after 30min of ongoing frustration. Why would I consider upgrading to "premium" when the free version is so useless?


23 July 2014

Great voice recognition but not very smart. no fun to deal with, long loads after first question. since we for whatever reason dont have access to cortana this would have to do but it does not. If this is what your cool with being your top virtual assistant on your tablets windows then good luck because this is not suri like at all. Most of the time it just says "here is what i found" then you have to scroll.


21 July 2014

The Absolute Sri For Windows 8!


2 July 2014

this thing doesn't work


16 May 2014

but not very good yet not much like a personal assistant


14 May 2014

I really wanted a Cortana clone for Windows 8, and I thought I'd get it here. Well, not really. I thought I could get around the hideous UI and do some decent work with this thing.... until it asked me to register for a goDog account, and I thought, why do I have to register? What information are they going to get? Creepy!!! I mean, it works, just not well. The voice recognition isn't great, the commands are kind of shabby, and the over-all impression just doesn't cut it.


2 May 2014

Good app so far, but could be better with improved speech recognition and better integration with other apps.


25 April 2014

Very good app and fun to play with when u are bored

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