Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is a token generation app that generates tokens for Two-Factor Authentication enabled accounts. It uses Google's open source token generation algorithm and works with GMail, Dropbox, Amazon AWS and all other services that use Google Authenticator. Note: This is a third party app and is no way affiliated to Google or its subsidiaries.


  • Multiple account support
  • Google Authentication token generation
  • Cloud based sync across multiple devices

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28 July 2015

All I get is a blank screen. I have 2 step authentication with Google. I sync'd the app. Screen is blank. I don't know what to expect but nothing happens


20 July 2015

Never got the app to work. Screw this Microsoft ecosystem! I'll be much happier with an Linux distro or android. Do better.


8 May 2015

This app is not published by Google. Beware.


19 January 2015

Simple interface, but it works well. I have several accounts and it works correctly on all of them (the codes match my phone). For those users complaining the code doesn't match their phone, check your time synchronization. Even then, I haven't had issues. All my two-factor authenticator services (google, Microsoft, lastpass) have accepted the codes that are a little ahead or a little behind.


13 January 2015

Only used for 1 day so far but it works like a charm. One disappointment is that it's not available in the windows phone app store. HOWEVER, there's an app in the windows phone store simply called "authenticator" which works the same; just scan the QR code on the screen for each account. NOTE: I scanned 3 or 4 times in a row without success. I hit CTRL+Scroll wheel to zoom in on the QR code then turned my phone horizontal and took the pic; authenticator recognized it right away. I feel safe by using an easy to remember "medium" strength password when combined with two-form authentication.


3 June 2014

its a wonderful app, but I accidentally deleted a one time token and am now locked out of my account.


17 April 2014

I entered my lastpass code in this app. And the token it showed did not match the Google authentication in my phone. I tried winauth from, entered the same lastpass code, and the token matched my phone all the time. Also, the add account dialog would not go away when I click cancel. I am using this on an Intel based windows 8.1 tablet.


12 April 2014

offers me the next-next password not the current one. Guess you have a Universal Time issue. I am in GMT+1. Pls fix.


16 March 2014

The app is stuck on add secret account


30 November 2013

App does what it promises to do. You add a 'secret' seed and an account name and you get the OTP passwords you need to log into your account. The only recommendation I'd have would be to add a delete confirmation dialog to prevent accidental deletions of accounts.

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