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27 June 2014

Vey useful app but I found a little bug, When I write the full degree in your degree textbox for example 1000 and the total degree is 1000 it sais the GPA is F, And good music you put there but it's totally irrelevant to put music in an app like that, Also I suggest adding some more faculty related features.


21 June 2014

the music is good , but poor design , work on it more


3 June 2014

not new idea one of the developers make it before and you need more design And music is good


29 April 2014

The design can be better, but extremely simple ideas want super attractive designs .. Add features like sharing and logging with FB, so that you get your friends' GPA'a as well :)) Think about more detailed results, and so on ..


26 April 2014

Good app, but if you added an option to calculate the grade of each semester and add subjects and the credit hours they make and calculate the GPA according to that it will be great.


23 April 2014

nice, lite , easy and well designed app, keep it up.


21 April 2014

nice idea , the music is not interesting , can make the user adjust the grades according to his college , shape in snap screen doesn't shape well .