Grand Theft Auto V Racing

There are a ton of things to do in Grand Theft Auto V. One of the more entertaining side activities that can actually earn you some cash is racing. And you can find all kind of races like street races, offroad races, seashark races and triathlon races. All the races of GTA V and all you need to know to win every one and become a race champion is in this app.

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29 November 2015

people or kids think that this app is a big fail lame and all kinds of stuff just because they keep losing and I keep winning put never give up that's what i'm telling you put its your choice do u want to keep losing or winning well when I first played I kept losing then I thought I didn't want to keep losing at this game so I kept playing and I got the hang of it and then I got tired of playing and only winning once and I thought I dont want to give up just like that so I kept playing. thank u


18 September 2015

this app sucks don't waste youer time downloading


11 October 2014



1 January 2014

...this should not be put into the game section of apps.. it just gives information. maybe it is useful for those who already play the game, however, for the average person looking for a fun game on their computer, this is not the way to go. it is highly misleading and now it unnecessarily takes up space.