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    V 3.0: • Vector-based PDF export • Drag’n’drop in Layers\Object tree panel • High-resolution JPEG and PNG export (up to 30000x30000 pixels) • Interactive page resizing • “Convert to editable splines” command. Users can convert almost any built-in diagram element to editable splines. Splines can be edited using spline Boolean operations and a shape editor tool to create custom user-defined diagram elements. • Updated Print dialog (Now allows the selecting of page range instead of printing the whole document) • Improved svg import • Page margins • Many bug fixes and performance improvements

Grapholite - Diagrams, Flow Charts and Floor Plans Designer

Draw flow charts, floor plans, network layouts, uml, sketches & illustrations. Grapholite is an all-in-one diagrams designer aimed to create all types of business graphics and technical drawings from simple drafts and sketches to complex professional looking documents. Despite the fact that app was designed with low-end tablet devices in mind it contains all features that can be expected from the mature state-of-the-art diagramming solutions like Visio: a rich set of built-in themes and styles, sophisticated connection auto-routing algorithms, dynamic snap grid and integrated spline editor. The unique “sketch” mode allows single-click styling of any figure as if it is sketched by hand. You can create basic shapes and connections very quickly thanks to the freehand drawing recognition. For complex drawings, there are hundreds of ready-to-use stencils on the toolbox that can be easily dragged to the canvas. Most of these stencils are not just static images, but complex objects with plenty of properties setting up their appearance and behavior in the designer. Application was developed to take advantage of the entire set of devices from powerful workstations and top ultrabooks to hybrids and smallest tablets. It provides great user experience with all types of inputs – touch and pen, mouse and keyboard without sacrificing any editing capabilities of the desktop software. *** Buy it once and use on all your Windows devices. You can save hundreds on separate licenses! *** Grapholite can be used for: • Flow charts; • Swimlanes; • Organizational charts; • Uml diagrams; • Web site structures and wireframes; • Application’s interface sketches (ui mockups); • Computer network layouts (including Cisco networks); • Floor plans (office layouts, building plans, home plans etc.); • Business process models (both bpmn 1.2 and bpmn 2.0 notations are supported); • Mind maps and brainstorming diagrams; • Venn charts and set charts; • Data flow diagrams; • Process flow diagrams; • Workflows; • Chevron and circular diagrams; • Swot analysis; • Scientific illustrations; • Graphs, algorithms, schemes; • Planograms; • Infographics. You can start working on a diagram in the field using only touch and pen and finish the document in the office in the most comfortable environment with the help of habitual mouse and keyboard. On hybrid devices and productivity tablets such as Microsoft Surface you even won’t need to restart the application! The app provides a unique set of shape behaviors for each diagram type. For example, windows and doors will automatically connect to walls in floor plans; shapes support automatic layout of children and collapsing\expanding of the hierarchy levels in org charts and mind maps. Connections auto-routing logic also depends on the diagram type. Objects tree pane allows you to inspect, select, lock and hide all visual objects. Print, share, export your diagrams and insert them in your web-sites, blog posts, publications, articles, documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other media. Grapholite supports export to Pdf, Png, Jpeg, Svg and Microsoft Visio (Vdx) formats. You can also import Microsoft Visio files from both Vdx and Vsdx (Visio 2013) formats. The application is compatible with our Desktop, Windows Phone and Android versions. An unlimited free trial will allow you to try all application features for free (you can’t save your work in trial).


  • Authoring of all types of business graphics in a single app
  • Support for business diagrams, including full bpmn 1.2 and bpmn 2.0 notations
  • Modern UI developed from scratch for Windows 8 to provide equally comfortable editing experience with touch, pen, mouse and keyboard
  • Sketch style” mode – make any shape look like it is drawn by hand by turning a single switch
  • Smart connection auto-routing algorithms
  • Sharing via “Share Charm”
  • Printing and export to PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG and VDX (MS Visio) formats
  • Icon Finder integration
  • Objects tree pane - inspect, select, lock and hide objects from the document objects tree

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13 November 2015

it's too expensive, I'll buy it if cheaper below $5


2 June 2015

One of the easiest to use touch drawing apps I have seen. Copying and manipulating objects is quite easy. Lots of graphical items to add. One thing, this tool needs a textured shading function. Like brick, crosshatch, stone, etc. to make it a good tool for mechanical and arch. Drawings. Also pretty expensive to buy.


12 May 2015

Does lots of things great, but UML support is weak. Class diagramming in particular leaves much to be desired. Very difficult to show multiplicities of relationships.


21 March 2015

Program is loaded with features, would be nice to have better documentation or help files, some features also would be nice like in the floor plan mode to be able to draw to scale, some smart shapes would also be nice. Overall it is a well rounded app.


17 January 2015

Grapholite is the first Metro app that I've actually bought. As a long-time Visio user I wanted something of equal power portable. Grapholite shines on both fronts. It's extremely powerful and portable. I have not tested on Android yet but on Windows 8 (both on laptop and tab) it's simply the best app its class. I have been using it actively for a while and the app seems very stable. If you need a professional grade graphic, charting, diagraming tool look no further. I highly recommend this app.


23 November 2014

Current version resolved the stability issues on SP2. Am now able to develop complex mind maps as well as detailed network and workflow diagrams. Saving as X Visio format files are 100% recognized by desktop Visio app. Now I can work creatively and quickly to develop any diagramming through metro user interface and share across legacy desktops. If there were a Connectors stencil page and if the registration status were repaired, this would go to 5 stars. The app continues to prompt to login or register, despite already being registered. Web site (after logging in) recognizes me but claims no registered purchases?! Have registered 4X and web site still reflects this so company needs do to more housekeeping there. Hopefully that broken registration process won't bite at an inopportune time later. With latest fixes this is now far more useful than Visio to me.


25 September 2014

I have to admit, I had a little sticker shock at the price of this app, but after using the trial for a bit, I decided that it was worth the cost (I'm using it for database schema diagramming, and the time it will save me on that alone will easily offset the cost). The app is very well thought out, and works well with touch, pen, or both. Most of the work I've done with it so far is on my Surface Pro, and it's very intuitive to use (there's a helpful reference tutorial that shows on first run, too). I wish more Windows 8 modern apps were this good...would probably make for a more popular platform.


6 June 2014

I had high hopes for this app with all the good reviews and I was generally impressed with the capabilities. Unfortunately the swimlane diagram capability is missing some important items to make it really useful. Specifically: Expanding a lane's size doesn't shift the adjacent lanes to accommodate; can't drag to reorder the lanes, instead must move the lanes to open a space then move the lane then close the new gap; phase dividers are just blocks of text and drawn lines and have no intelligence. I'm sure there were a few more things missing, but after those, I didn't bother continuing with the testing. If more intelligence were added to the swimlane capability, I'd certainly spend the $30 because I can certainly see where I'd use this. Surface 2 RT


11 April 2014

Definitely worth the price. I have used many other diagramming tools and this one is excellent and properly designed to be used in tablet mode. Labels and text are the most challenging without a hard keyboard but that goes for all apps,.


19 March 2014

I used this application to draw up high-level diagrams for my electrical designs, P&ID's as well as audio equipment connection diagrams for my clients (my side job). This program has a professional polish to it and is powerful enough for all of my design needs. I am very grateful to these developers for supporting the RT platform.

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