Gravity Defender

Gravity Defender is simple action game requiring a little skill and a little luck. You are a ship in trying to survive in an endless sea of enemy ships. There is hope though. There are different power ups such as Increasing in size, guns, a bomb, and a shield. Try to play for as long as you can. It gets more difficult as the levels increase. Every time you increase to a new level, you gain some health back. If you run out of health, the game is over. Here is the key: P = Power Up - makes your guy bigger and stronger S = Shield - protects you from the enemies and the boss for only a limited time B = Bomb - blows up all the enemies on the screen; does not affect the boss G = Gun - shoots any enemy on the screen including the boss for only a limited time It was made to be completely free. There are no ads, in-app purchasing, etc. I made it for my son for fun and thought someone else might think it was fun too. So, if you have any suggestions, please just let me know.


  • Game, Arcade, Moving obstacles, power up, bombs, enemies, defending