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***Enter the GREAT MAGIC JACKPOT PARTY for FREE!*** Great Magic Show comes from the creators of most popular slots games on Windows, 777 Slots. It is the most fabulous free pokies ever. Great Magic Show is a game for everyone who wants to play slots of fortune with magical fairies, crazy magicians, and all kinds of fantastical creators on their smartphone. It is the craziest casino online. Gamble online and join the madness that is grabbing the world’s fantastical creatures faster than a witch’s spell and get a chance to win humongous jackpot bingos. Great Magic Show is a game that will make you forget even the most amazing Las Vegas attractions. Great Magic Show is a FREE slots machine for you if you are a fan of quality fantasy. This is a jackpot casino, unlike any other free pokies, you will ever find in the Windows Store. FEATURES · Fantastic payouts · 5000 free coins to get you going · Most magical theme · Auto spins · High-definition (HD) graphics · Multiple customization options · Free 20 new games every week · Massive bonuses · Topnotch performance across all Windows devices Enter the world of marquees circus to join the world’s most magical jackpot party where you’ll win loads of cash by the mere act of survival. REVIEWS FROM THE WONDERLAND · Classic imagery! I like this slots machine a lot. It’s been created for magic freaks like me. · Play it in dark! The sounds are so real that you will be taken to another world altogether · Straight from wonderland! The game’s so fabulous that you’ll want to fly after a few hours’ play. · You’ll a pure heart to play to play and win. · It’s a great game! I’ve already won over a million points. Wish there was a way to turn them into real money. NOTE: Please note that although Great Magic Show is a free game, you always have the option to BUY MORE COINS with REAL MONEY. You can buy thousands of coins for merely $1.50. You can play to your heart’s content and be sure you’ll never run out of coins.


  • Exciting Multislot Adventure
  • Different Bonus Games and Surprises!
  • Exciting Mini Games
  • Free coins to get you on your journey
  • Easy to play and control

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28 June 2016



8 June 2016

fun game


19 May 2016

I like it good game


10 May 2016

I like your games, but they resets themselves to much


27 March 2016

Very good. Lots of fun.


10 March 2016

So far so good


1 February 2016

enjoyable slot to play


23 January 2016



15 January 2016

awesome game


6 January 2016

Exciting and mystical

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