GREAT shot!

If you use digital photography in any way, you know that it's very easily to quickly create more photos (good and bad) than you can reasonably organize and manage. Take control of your ever-expanding Picture Library with GREAT Shot! Quickly rate and delete items... your pruned data will consume less storage and provide for a beautiful stream of "Top Rated" photos on your Windows Desktop. Privacy Policy - No data is collected by the GREAT Shot! app. GPS coordinates (i.e. latitude and longitude) for a selected photo are transmitted (in real-time) to Bing Maps... this information is not stored or disclosed in any way. If GPS coordinates are available, you will see and have access to this information in the form of a map depicted to the right of your photo.


  • One-click Rate / Delete
  • Bing Maps visualize photograph origin (where GPS data is available)

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26 June 2013

Excellent user interface; great simple way to work through hundreds of pictures.