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    New in v3.1 (April 2015) + Settings to show non-completed tasks in live tile. + Clear completed tasks button for task lists. v3 (Apr 25, 2014) * UI redesign. * Improved task editor. * Responsive layout. + Collapsible sub-tasks + Move task to other list by drag and drop + Quick assign due date by drag task and drop to Smart lists * Various bug fixes. v2.X (Before Mar, 2014) + Google tasks sync support. + Support multiple profiles. + Offline edit everything. Sync when online. + Print task list * Shared to Mail app in HTML format. Pro version only: ★ Absolutely no ads. More room for tasks, clear user interface. ★ Unlimited number of lists (instead of limiting to 3 lists in free version) ★ Unlimited number of tasks and subtasks (instead of limiting to 20 per list in free version) ★ No 3-minute synchronizing frequency limit (instead of limiting to 5 minutes cool-down interval). Sync whenever you want ★ Change profile name instead of email name only.

Great Task Pro

Beautifully designed and carefully crafted to-do list app. Sync across your PC and tablets through Google tasks service. === New in April 2015 update: + Settings for only show non-completed tasks on live tile. Show non-completed only by default. + Add clear completed tasks button to task lists. === Why we create Great Task 3 Are you still wasting your time trying one and another amateur to-do app that you downloaded from the Store which only put you into UI that contains full spectrum of color boxes and forces you go through screens to screens just because they all use the same default application template? We used to go through that painful experience. Sadly we found that's the truth that few would take to-do app on Windows 8 seriously, and there isn't any enjoyable to-do app in the store, that can make this simple job done neatly. We think, an enjoyable to-do app should: - Beautiful - Fast - Less screen switching - Able to sync across devices - Simple and stupid Luckily that we are application designers. We created this app for our own usage, and recreated it THREE times, to make it perfectly suit our simple desire to a modern to-do list app. Hopefully this app may also meet your needs well. Just stop wasting your time. Start using Great Task and enjoy. So what you will get from Great Task 3: ★ Modern and super fluent to-do management UI. ★ Sync across your PC and tablet devices. Sign in to save and get back all your synced tasks from Google tasks service on any device. ★ Multiple lists. ★ Arbitrary levels of collapsible sub-tasks. Sync full sub-task tree structure with Google tasks. ★ Duel profile to avoid making your Google tasks clutter. ★ In place edit any task, under any window size. ★ Recurring tasks ★ Reminder that actually works. Even after you closed the app, even when you turned off the screen. ★ Move tasks around simply by drag-and-drop. ★ Print, share, email your task list. ★ Beautifully designed and carefully crafted. ★ And many more to come ... Premium features that only in PRO version: - Create unlimited amount of lists - Create unlimited amount of tasks - No 5-minute frequency limit for syncing with Google - Change profile name - No ads, get more space for tasks - Get future PRO features for free. Important notes to your data - We respect your data. We will never delete any tasks/to-do even if your trail period is expired. But you will lost the ability to open the app after trail expired. - We won't lock you in our application. By syncing your to-do lists to Google tasks, you literally can switch to any other to-do app at any time that supports it if you really don't like our one (although we will be so sad for that). Do please send us a email or leave a review on why you dislike our app. We really appreciate your feedback, good or bad. Thanks for your support, and happy working with Great Task 3!


  • Simple, beautiful, powerful design
  • Adaptive layout suits all the resolutions
  • Organize to-dos into lists and subtasks
  • Sync across all your PCs and tablets through Google tasks
  • Recurring tasks, reminder, show tasks on start screen
  • Print
  • Share task list to other app, email task list
  • Drag and drop to reorder tasks
  • Smart lists automatically show tasks you care across lists

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28 September 2014

I thought this was going to be a good thing, so I bought the paid app to support the developers. BUT now, the more I use it, the less I like it. I don't feel like it is intuitive at all and there are not near enough settings for me to work with. I also can't stand that you aren't able to select the due date from a calendar view (which may be possible, but again, not intuitive enough to find where to change it.). I looked on You Tube and there's a FAST demo video for an earlier version, but I can't locate anything else (including on the website) that gives some directions on use. My suggestion - stop spending time on changing the aesthetics of the app and work on functional capabilities or providing a tutorial on the current functionality that users may be missing. How the heck do I hide completed tasks??? It should be a no brainer on how to set this simple list preference!


9 August 2014

After u load it is a Google thing. Junk . Want money back. Google is trash and I don't want any cheap Google related software on the Surface


7 August 2014

I love the way it handles subtasks and allows them to be compressed, I like the way it allows you to edit in place, and it is easy to move tasks around (with a mouse). I would buy this in hopes that it would get better as time went on. BUT the UNFORGIVEABLE thing is that I have a google list of 63 tasks and only 3 are imported from that list. I need to be able to rely on this more than any other feature. Sadly I cannot purchase this until I know that the sync with google tasks is accurate and reliable. :-( Good luck to the developer -- it is a beautiful app!


11 April 2014

cant sort and no way to remove multiple tasks at once.


20 February 2014

Way too many taps to edit, other apps make editing much easier. Keyboard gets in the way of saving, thus requiring extra taps to hide the keyboard first. Stopped syncing after first use. Useless as it ignores it's own sync button. OTOH, nice appearance. Don't waste your money until they fix all these issues. In my opinion, still in beta and needs work before it can be taken seriously. What good is an app that won't sync?


8 January 2014

It crashes when I click on reminders. If I click on a popup reminder while using another app, it splits the screen and the snooze box appears partly off screen. When selecting tasks to edit, there is no way to unselect a task -- you can select a different task to deselect the one you want. Every time I try to sync on my mobile device, the program crashes, which makes this app worthless!


9 December 2013

I love the UI. However, more features are really needed to make this fully functional. How about a view of "tomorrow" tasks, this week, etc.? Also, moving tasks to another lip would be helpful and how about being able to sort the existing lists by due date? I would rate 5 star and ditch the other app that I use if you would add some more features as this UI is more pleasing.