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    Initial release of the official Grepolis App to the International Windows Store


The free browser game Grepolis lets you create ancient Greece just the way you want it. Forge powerful alliances with other players and use the powers of the Greek Gods Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Athena, and Hades to your advantage. Recruit armies on water and land, and create mythical units, such as the Hydra, Pegasus, and Manticore. Build unique World Wonders to help you become ruler of the world of Grepolis! In the browser game Grepolis you start with a small town, which you can build up to become a metropolis over the course of time. You can choose to construct 13 unique buildings and 8 monuments to shape your empire. These include silver mines, harbors, and timber camps. Plus, more than 30 different technologies are available to research in the Academy of Grepolis. Technologies include faster construction times as well as the ability to invade other cities. As well as being able to build up your town the way you want to, there are several Gods in Grepolis for you to choose as personal guardians. The Goddess Hera, for example, can help you increase the production of resources in your town, while the Sea God Poseidon will help you weaken your enemies' sea powers. Protect yourself from your enemies and support your next endeavours by stimulating your progress with Gold.


  • Free-to-play strategy MMO with more than 18 million registered players worldwide
  • Start the game by ruling one town, and create a mighty empire
  • Gather resources and trade with other towns
  • Use the favor of the Gods and strategically cast their 20 powerful spells
  • Research 30 innovative technologies and build 13 unique buildings
  • Recruit your army choosing from 26 unique units and lead them in real-time war
  • Fight together in alliances against real players
  • Cloud Gaming: Play the saved real-time progress on your account using the mobile app or via browser on your PC at www.grepolis.com!

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6 March 2016

I was trying to log in nothing work went on the browser it freezes and crashes contacted customer support they told me to delete the app well I liked the game was going to give it 5 stars now I hate the game I can't log in Ps. very stressful game not advise for 40+ may cause a stroke or heart attack and very time consuming...


24 January 2016

This is not a quick-shooter game. It requires thought and planning. It will test your ideas on tactics and strategy. The ability to think logically is key. And remember, math is your friend.


25 August 2015

Idk. Everytime I started to enjoy the game I ran out of supplies and couldn't get more. Help please idk maybe it comes back over night.


13 August 2015

It says that I need to create an account but it doesn't tell me how??


25 June 2015

So if you don't have wifi, you can't play it. So basically, I never really got to play it or try it out. Since we have no wifi connection at our house, there's no point in keeping this game, so I uninstalled it.


7 May 2015

I can log in, into my game even after restarting the tablet


4 May 2015

Its a great game a little slow in the beginning when you have to build but fun


23 March 2015

Was enjoying this game until someone was conquering my city for 4 hrs straight. When I attacked cities it lasted 5 to 10 minutes. What I didn't understand was the city that attacked me army was smaller than mines and he had less points. After my city was attacked I never could log in again even after I would uninstall the game then re-install I still couldn't log in again. I suggest Age of Empires Castle Sleigh your city get's attacked you watch the video of the attack and continue with the game check it out


12 March 2015

They emailed me and I just do not play anymore I research and stuff do not have


5 March 2015

I was taken over and whipped out by a much larger player - now I cant play the game - don't know how to start over - have tried to uninstall and reinstall. there needs to be some kind of protection for new players anda way to get back into the game. If there is please let me know - tdonh@Hotmail.com.

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