Grimm Tales

Grimms Tales is a collection of short stories that were originally published in 1812. The stories were written by the Brothers Grimm and have become a popular culture reference over time. With stories like Hansel and Gretel, Rumpelstiltskin and Little Red Cap it is sure to be an interesting read for anyone interested in these and similar stories. While the stories may not be exactly the same as the ones we may be used to, these were the originals that influenced the modern versions.


  • 65 fascinating fairy tales
  • Easy to use annotation system to allow you to add your own comments to pages
  • Easy method to export all your annotations for reuse or sharing
  • Adjustable reading font size allowing you to find the perfect font size for your reading experience
  • Automatic short history for visited pages to allow you to safely check references in other parts of the book
  • Search capabilities to allow you to find where queries are found in the book
  • Easy bookmarking of pages to return to

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16 June 2015

These are not the real Grimm Fairy Tales. I remember most of these and the endings a wrong. They don't even have the Cinderella story. This is a joke and a waste of time.