Guess The Movie: Horror Movies

It's finally here! From the makers of Guess The Movie, we bring you: Guess The Movie: Horror Edition! If you love scary movies, and enjoy beeing frightened, then we've got the app for you! Guess from scary movies both new and old including: The Shining, Scream, Saw, Psycho and many many more! How do you play? It's easy! Simply look at the four movie screenshots and see if you can guess the horrifying truth! **HINTS* Are you stuck on a tricky question? Use a hint! Guess The Movie: Horror Edition has three types of hints to help you out! 1) Reveal A Letter - This hint reveals a letter on the game board, automatically filling it in for you! This is a great hint to use when you're stuck and need a slight nudge! 2) Remove Letters - This helpful hint will remove letters from the game that are not used in solving the puzzle. This hint is especially useful on larger puzzles. 3) Solve It! - This hint will solve the question entirely, moving you to the next!


  • Calling all Scary Movie Fans! You will love this app!
  • Horror, Thriller, Scary - You name it, we got it!
  • Hours of horrifying fun!

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28 August 2016

iwuv it


21 July 2016

I skipped right through the first stage and hit a wall on the second. Makes you think.


19 July 2016

This game does not know how to spell "Cemetery" It instead spelled it as "Sematary" for one of the movies, other than that it's a good game.


13 July 2016

I love this app because I love horror movies so I'm really good at it 😍😍😍💐💐💐💏


1 July 2016

this game is awesome if you love puzzles!


13 June 2016



12 June 2016

Fun game. Good for horror movie fans


29 May 2016

very hard to guess the movies


23 May 2016

this game is amazing I love it


12 May 2016


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