Gujarat Meet

In Windows 8.1 app store there is no app that represent community of Gujarati people for communicating. GUJARAT MEET is a free app for Gujarati people who are living or belongs to Gujarat. This app is very much useful for Gujarati people because all the Gujarati whether they are living in Gujarat now or in past they have lived can make account here. It is the only social community app for Gujarati. Through this App all the Gujarati are connected with each other and communicate with each other. User who use this App,need to Fb login in App for access App create Profile, and enjoy the services provided by this App like through this App user can connect with his/her relatives who are belongs to Gujarat. In this app user can make their profile, edit profile, search friends by name, city and age, make posts, like ,unlike and comment on post ,share location ,use personalize user interface. User can make friends, also communicates with them by sending messages. User can also create a Photo Album. For using this app you have to simply create your profile. Features provided by app:- • User can also use Appbar. Top Appbar is provided for navigation from one page to other page and bottom Appbar for page specific setting or other option. In this app bottom app bar is provided for photo album and search. • Gujarati people can categorize with their age. Also they can filter by their cities Best Feature this app is filterization in other word searching. Purpose of this app is to provide social network for Gujarati community. • Map Integration with Our App. User can share location. • Facebook integration with our App. User need to Facebook login for access App.

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2 March 2015

good app for gujju guys can connect everywhere...nice app...


4 February 2015

nice & small app which ,even working in low network with minimum data