Gunship Sniper Shooting Assault - Terrorist Attack

ATTACK!!! An enemy ship has being detected near the military base, so soldiers let’s battle it out and make our army base safe again. You need a secure spot against the special forces of enemy and what could be better than Apache Gunship helicopter. Be a brave hero, play as the leading front-line commando and counter shoot all the terrorists. You have the sniper gun to start with, OHHH captain, you’re too good with head-shots so don’t waste your bullets because you might run out of them. This is an action packed thriller. Kill all the enemy soldiers and defend your pride as the leader of the American navy seals squad. It’s the first person sniper shooting game where you need to kill all the enemy’s and head shots are always the best. They will earn you more points and help in unlocking other guns like HK, M16 and MK11. The mission is to eliminate all the enemy and get the control of the navy gunship in this gunship sniper shooting 3D game. ***** HOW TO PLAY ***** • Touch and drag game play to rotate axis • Aim your enemy and shoot them to earn points • Head-shots will earn your high scores • Use the zoom option to have the clear view


  • Guns include AK-47, HK, M16 and MK11
  • Top view of the enemy navy carrier from Helicopter
  • 3D Environment & Amazing sounds
  • HD & stunning graphics and addictive gameplay
  • Amazing, realistic and unique weapon control
  • 3D First Person Shooter - FPS

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6 July 2016

Pretty all around crappy, too be honest... every time you shoot your screen jerks into a strange view, your gun kicks up way too much, and graphics are subpart. Don't get this game.... it's a complete waste of time.


19 June 2016



4 May 2016

Fun for a short break.


25 April 2016

its stuck but fun any how


16 March 2016

"sucked me right in, good game for beginner "


15 March 2016



9 March 2016

does not stay were u aim , while u shoot


27 February 2016

note like


20 February 2016

I like it


18 February 2016

Pretty good game nothing like call of duty but at least its decent

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