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    In this update we added the following new features: * Offline story mode - ability to save selected stories in offline mode. This saves a plain version of an article for allowing reading when there is no internet connection. * Newest stories view - users can now switch to view the newest submissions. * Ask HN submissions - users can now switch to view just Ask HN submissions. we made the following fixes/enhancements * Improved experience with caching of stories * Improved UX experience by adhering more to MS Guidelines. * Enabled clickable links in comments. * Added some settings to allow users to define what experience they want.

Hacker News App

This is an application that allows users to browser the top current stories from the popular technology news site Hacker News. It allows the user to view the top stories as well as visit each one. The user can also read the comment threads for each story. The app also provides options to view the Hacker News frontpage, newest submissions and Ask HN submissions. Also, the application provides an option for offline viewing of articles.


  • Shows all top stories
  • Threaded comments
  • Responsive
  • Easy to use
  • Shows all front page stories
  • Can filter to view newest stories
  • Can filter to view Ask HN stories
  • Ability to save articles for offline viewing
  • Can change default link and main page behavior.