Harbor Story II

Ever dreamed of managing your own harbors, building the greatest fleet, sailing cross the oceans, exploring the wildest adventures, trading with your friends and making the legend of prosperous harbors? Start your Harbor Story today!


  • Trade with your friends!
  • Exciting Sea Battle!

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18 October 2015

This however is nothing of the sort... It is basically tap tap tap tap, wait. AND I CANT EVEN REGISTER


17 September 2014

Cant register to play the game. I tried Facebook and tried to create a login. I'll bring up the rating if I could actually play the game.


24 March 2014

I can get the app to load, and I can go through the very brief, and generally unhelpful tutorial, but the moment it comes to register and I choose to use my Xbox account to do so the app freezes and does nothing.


20 February 2014

Can't seem to be able to register to play.


17 February 2014

I tap on yes and it doesn't register!!!! Please fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10 February 2014

The Worst game ever I have played!! Have much bugs!


17 January 2014

I couldn't even get the game to let me play. Registration doesn't work and the game won't let you play without registering. It looks like your standard fare of crappy pay-to-win anyway, so not missing much.


12 January 2014

Just spins its wheel thinking.


9 January 2014

I really wanted to play but I couldn't because it would not accept my login or register. it kept the loading sign on forever


8 January 2014

Have spent 30 minutes trying to register. Still can't. Waste of time. Not even worth the price...and its free.

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