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    RELEASE 18 * Bug fixes RELEASES 8 TO 17 * Fix: corrected computation of the minutely/hourly-recurrence alarms when the start date is in the future * Fix: the "skip next alarm" feature now also works for minutely/hourly-recurrence alarms. Please note that the current skip dates you've set must be reset after you update the app * NEW: minutely and hourly recurrence alarms * Fix: corrected the "switch to night mode automatically" feature. Note: to use the app in standby mode, due to technical limitations, the app must be in night mode BEFORE you turn the screen off or going to the background, even if the automatic mode switch has been enabled. * Added warning in the setting panel for the "switch to night mode automatically" feature. * Added Facebook link in the "About" flyout * NEW: 3 new themes (Space) * Fix: Corrected permission requests * Fix: Corrected the weather widget for non-US users * Added "Readme" popup * Added website link * Fix: improved reliability for the weather widget * NEW: Added badge support * Fix: The memory test has been improved. * Updated user help * NEW: Support standby mode (screen off / lock screen) for AOAC-compliant devices when the app is in night mode. * NEW: Local weather widget * NEW: New ringtone category "Obnoxious & Loud" (7 sounds) * NEW: New color themes (colors of the Windows Surface's Touch covers) * Better snap view support * Fix: Resets the math test if wrong answer * Minor bug fixes

HD Alarm Clock

HD Alarm clock is the most powerful and reliable nightstand alarm clock app for Windows 8 and Windows RT and will surely become soon your favorite alarm clock. This full-featured alarm clock app provides a wide range of customization options to make it yours. It also comes with a large choice of beautiful themes and ringtones. SCREEN OFF / LOCK SCREEN – STANDBY MODE SUPPORT (NEW!) If you are using an AOAC-compliant device, such as Windows Surface RT, launch the app, enter the night mode and turn off the screen. Your alarm will still be triggered even with the screen off. HD Alarm clock is the only app in the store to offer this feature. For this feature to work: - put the app in night mode by clicking the night mode button in the bottom app bar. This is a toggle button, so you will see "Day mode" as the label of the button when the app is in night mode. - don't use other apps before putting your device in night mode / locking the screen. - don't close the app completely. If you want to use the app in the background while using desktop apps, just switch to the desktop without closing the app. - if you are using Windows 8, such as on Windows Surface Pro, disable the option that puts the device automatically in sleep mode in the power management settings of Windows 8, and make sure the device is plugged on night. - if you are not sure whether you are using a compliant tablet, please test this feature before use. SCREEN ON / TOAST NOTIFICATIONS – PLUGGED IN MODE SUPPORT If the app is in the foreground (full screen or snap view), it will prevent your device from falling asleep. If you use the app this way, please remember to plug your device in. Tip: If you turn on the sleep optimizer's notifications, you will be reminded to plug in your device. If you are using your device and the app is not in the foreground when an alarm is triggered, a toast notification will be displayed if the app is in day mode or if the standby mode has been disabled in the app settings (Charm bar). You can choose the notification sound among four different built-in looping ringtones. Toast notifications work even in lock screen or when the app is stopped. Please make sure you allowed the app to run in background. UNLIMITED ROAMING ALARMS (ONE-TIME, SIMPLE-RECURRENCE OR ADVANCED-RECURRENCE ALARMS) AND NAP TIMERS HD Alarm Clock lets you create multiple alarms. To access the lists of alarms and nap timers, just swipe the screen. You can easily create, edit, remove, duplicate, test and enable/disable any alarm. For recurrent alarms, you also can skip the next occurrence. All your alarms and nap timers are synced automatically with all your other Windows 8/RT devices. SUNRISE EFFECT The gentle wake (sunrise effect) provides a pleasant wake-up experience, by slowly increasing the screen brightness and alarm sound. SLEEP TIMER AND SUNSET EFFECT Play your favorite tracks (your own music and/or built-in music) before falling asleep. You can set the length of the fade-out effect (music volume and/or screen brightness). You also can shuffle and loop the music playlist. RELIABLE LIVE TILE (CLOCK or NEXT ALARM) The live tile displays either the next alarm time and date (by default) or the current time. You can set what to display in the app settings (Charm bar). A PLETHORA OF ALARM SETTINGS To fit all your needs, HD Alarm Clock offers a large range of settings for your alarm: wake-up tests, snooze duration, snooze limit, custom music / built-in ringtones and music (70+), notification sound, alarm length, advanced recurrence … SEE YOUR NEXT ALARM OCCURRENCES IN ONE GLANCE You can see the next alarm occurrences for the next 8 days on the home screen of the app and in the snap view. WEATHER (NEW!) The weather widget displays the local weather on the home screen of the app and in the snap view. It shows the current “feel-like” temperature, the min/max temperatures of the day, the current weather condition, the wind direction, the wind speed and the relative humidity. You can choose between US units and metric units in the widget settings. Please make sure you allowed the app to use your location. NEWS FEED WIDGET You can set several feed sources at once. You can set your own feed sources or choose among the built-in feed sources. The feeds will be updated automatically and show the most recent posts. THEMES The app comes with more than 30 gorgeous themes. But if that’s not enough, you can also create new themes with your own pictures and set the colors you want. SLEEP OPTIMIZER The sleep optimizer widget reminds you when it is the best time to sleep or take a nap. You can also set notifications to remind you to go to sleep or go to take a nap. DAY AND NIGHT MODES You can set a different background image, screen brightness and colors for the night mode. You also can set the times of the day at which to automatically enter/exit the night mode. CLOCK You can change the clock display settings in the app-bar: 12-hour/24-hour format, show/hide seconds… SCREEN BRIGHTNESS You can adjust the screen brightness easily in the app-bar. FLASHLIGHT You can enter the flashlight mode by clicking the flashlight button in the app-bar. To turn off the flashlight, just tap/click anywhere on the screen. SNAP VIEW The snap view lets you see the current time, the local weather and your next alarms in one glance. EASY NAVIGATION On touch devices, just pinch the home screen to display the high-level view (semantic zoom). This way, you will be able to navigate easily to the alarm and nap timer lists. FREE SUPPORT Don't hesitate to contact the free support for any question or request. NOTES - Please note that some features are disabled by default and must be enabled from the app settings (Charm bar). - The best sleep time/nap time is displayed only when it is relevant. - Do not use loud alarms with headsets. - Switch between °C and °F in the app settings (Charm bar) - If you encounter any difficulties downloading the app, check the "Your apps" screen in the Windows Store app, or contact the support. Audio compatibility: DRM-free MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, M4A, ADTS.


  • Unlimited one-time alarms, recurrent alarms and nap timers
  • Sleep timer
  • Live tile (current time or next alarm)
  • Feed widget
  • Sleep optimizer widget
  • Can notify you when it’s time to sleep or take a nap
  • Wake-up tests (easy, medium and hard) to make sure you get up on time
  • Flashlight
  • Night mode
  • Sunrise (gentle wake) and sunset effects
  • Snap view support
  • Test alarm sound feature
  • Skip next alarm feature
  • 70+ built-in ringtones (soft and abrupt alarms, nature sounds, musics ...)
  • 30+ gorgeous built-in themes
  • Customizable backgrounds and colors
  • Customizable alarm ringtones with your own songs
  • Customizable snooze length and snooze limit
  • Weather widget (NEW!)
  • Sync your alarms and timers between your Windows 8 devices

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7 September 2014

This is the app I have been looking for


10 June 2014



22 May 2014

This could be a great program, however due to the stupidity of Microsoft it will never be reliable as an alarm clock. The claim that it is (was?) the only alarm that could wake a tablet PC from sleep seemed to be true. Even the alarm clock program that came with the great 8.1 update cannot wake up most tablets even when on connected standby. And believe me, I tried ALL the alarm programs and it was the only one that worked--at first. I am very careful to set up the program as instructed (nighttime mode, etc.) Unfortunately, it only works a few days in a row and then stops. Which is a shame because when it works, it's great. However, either the app is way too sensitive and the slightest deviation throws it off, or it is being taken out by the frequent Windows updates. I have gotten it to work again by reinstalling. But that is too much trouble and not worth paying for. BTW, I used the support form to contact the developer and never got a response.


21 April 2014

This app is one of the best designed alarm clocks out there for the windows RT platform. The only thing missing is the ability to set up exceptions on alarms for holidays and special alternating weeks. I only have to get up early every other Friday, and not on the fourth of July. Kind of a set it to my lifestyle option.


11 April 2014

Great app for morning alarms, nap timers, and setting a sleep timer. Small thing that could make it better would be a way to import playlist files for the sleep timer.


12 March 2014

Unfortunately, the app failed at working while the tablet is in sleep mode; the exact purpose for which I bought the app. I really needed this to work. Very Disappointing.


27 February 2014

Set several alarms to go off heard 1 and it only played for about 10 seconds then sound turned off....unreliable


2 February 2014

Great feature ideas but you can't count on them to work. Tried to suspend the weekday alarm for one day -- the alarm still went off. Also the weekday alarm occasionally sounds on weekend days (today).


11 January 2014

Its so slow and confusing the trial expires way too quickly and it costs too much! DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!


3 January 2014

Does not come out of standby on RT 8.0. (Will do after 5 minutes but not if you set it for a whole night...)

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