HD Video-Player

This Video Player application is specially designed to Play video Files from your tablet or Laptop. You can directly play video from the File Explorer or any other File Managing applications. It has Many features like Slow Motion, Fast Forward, Backward. The application associated with your files. You can set this application as default to open Video Files.


  • Video Player
  • Full Screen Support
  • Can play video in background
  • All type of views supported(Snap,Landscape,Filled).
  • Watch Video while doing other works.
  • Directly open the app by double click on the video File
  • Setting as a Default Player
  • Shortcut enabled to play,pause,forward,backward,

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10 April 2015



27 March 2015



15 January 2015

It works as a video player. Does not play a bunch of files types like avi and several others. I do like it more than Xbox video for my surface2 because it doesn't shove s*it down my throat every time I open it. But the company that makes this app also makes a bunch of similar apps so idk wtf g7 or whatever is thinking. I'd say drop all but one and actually develop it? Makes Microsoft market and your apps look like they are both fake and jokes to have so much trash about. I had to get this in a pinch cause I tried to changed my registry to save apps on my sd card which should be a preexisting feature for apps able and I guess that f*cked up my registry and Xbox video and music I can't get back. Only reason I had no problem paying $2.99 is cause I didn't miss the shi*ty Xbox video and didn't want adds under my videos.