How long can a headless chicken survive? Wanna try? Headless is an amusing, fast jump and run game, keep the chicken alive as long as possible and try to beat your last records! Time is running and you have to pick up blood to keep the chicken alive. Be fast to pick up enough blood but beware of the obstacles which will kill the chicken! Good luck and don’t loose your head! ;)

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15 September 2014

I love this game. I played it on droid phone as well. Awesome time killer. The thing is that on Asus transformer book I'm using now I need to tilt the screen 90 degrees left in order to slow down the chicken and that's a bit of a pain in the a**. You guys should add some sensitivity setting in windows version


12 June 2014

Glad I found this game


23 May 2014

این بازی ساده و زیبا در اوج بی آلایشی خیلی جذابه؛ من که از بازی کردن باهاش خیلی خوشم اومد...درسته که امکانات خاصی نداره ولی خیلی جالبه


14 April 2014

I can't figure out how to slow the chicken... It is always at the right border so I always die because I literally cannot see what's coming.


23 January 2014

Very good game but need more power.


19 January 2014

Its alright but the chicken runs at the right side of the screen so I can't see what's coming at me


9 December 2013

Game it self is not bad. But, it would be awesome is there is achievements and stuff


12 October 2013

Keep up the great work! :)


11 October 2013

Really a Good Game, Loved it!!!


4 July 2013

This is pretty good and cool.....and bloody. I like it!