A whole new Hexic experience! Spin and match hexes through 100 levels in this addictive puzzle adventure, now available on all Windows devices! The geometric world of Hexic needs your help! Spin and swipe your way through 100 levels of challenging puzzles as you battle encryption cells, corruption clusters, mysterious dark fragments, and viral vectors. Featuring all new chain combos with swipe-and-match gameplay and mechanics originally designed by Alexey Pajitnov, creator of the legendary puzzle game Tetris. With new Boosts and Assists that are sure to send scores soaring, the competition is fiercer than ever. Compare and compete for high scores with friends on level-by-level leaderboards, or connect Hexic to Facebook to take the bragging online. Do you have what it takes to save Hexic?


  • An all new Hexic experience!
  • Innovative new chain combos with swipe-and-match gameplay!
  • 100 challenging levels spanning 8 chapters!
  • Unlock special new Boosts and Assists to clear levels with ease!
  • Compete for high scores against friends on level-by-level leaderboards!
  • Connect to Facebook to share your high score!
  • Play Hexic your way, with easy to use mouse and touch controls!
  • Earn Xbox achievements to boost your Gamerscore!
  • Exclusive to Windows!

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21 February 2016

I really love this game; its a mind exploring game! Thanks Microsoft ;)!!!..


13 July 2015

love the game but it freezes up way to often. on my phone it goes back to start every time I get a 4 or more hex combo. frustrating


8 July 2015

we love this game


9 June 2015

I uninstalled at level 98 after a week of frustration. Only a few lower levels can be played instead. Constant prompts to "pay to play." Hexic would be better if all successful levels were open to play.


28 May 2015

I would like to see a reset button.


4 April 2015

I love it more than Candy Crush!I finished the game successfully!I love everything of the game,except one thing......there are very little levels.They finish so fast and I would like you to add more levels so the game will become more interesting!


28 March 2015

Finished the game once now im going to have to replay it because no new levels


7 December 2014

Nice game to play to waste a few minutes


12 November 2014

Loved the original Hexic on 360. This game changes things up with the separate levels/puzzels you have to go through. There is some free to play hooks like buying lives but I don't really mind that. Where it breaks down for me is it constantly crashes when you play "online". After the second move the game just locks up. Don't know if its trying to load ads and failing or some other network glitch is going on but its impossible to play. Funny thing is I disconnected the network and was able to run the game fine through all the beginning levels. Cannot recommend this one given the bugs and crashing.


7 October 2014

It's fun at first, but after awhile the game changed pace at the level 25-35. It absolutely would not let me finish lvl 35 without buying something. 50 moves and it was being very stin-gy with the pieces I needed. It was frustrating waiting and waiting and waiting only to be given moves at the top of the puzzle. Pay to Win 4-sure.

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