Hidden Objects Carnival Party

Hidden Object: Carnival Party is a mystery filled world which is designed for search and find gameplay in a mystery estate like in hidden object games. This game has carnival themed levels and the perfect environment found in carnival games. Variety of scenarios in Hidden Object: Carnival Party including Clowns, Carousel Horses, Fair Food, Rides Ferris Wheels, Circus Acts, Roller Coaster, Spinning Tea Cups and more! Explore a Haunted Carnival House as well!! Numerous Levels ranging from easy to difficult like in hidden object story games. Hidden Object: Carnival Party gives you a fun, challenging hidden object quest challenge for Hidden Object, hidden object story games, Spot the Difference & hidden object adventure games fans! This release in hidden object games will boggle your mind with a series of time limited fun puzzles. This Brain challenging adventure is about to begin in a carnival!


  • Beautiful HD graphics of carnival and fair themes like in carnival games and clown games
  • Exciting & Intriguing Levels of Hidden Object Puzzles
  • Well crafted levels
  • Find objects involving more than 10 Levels in a carnival
  • Timed limited challenges and hints

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3 April 2016

This Game is easy and fun for all ages to play.