Hidden Objects - Vampire Rooms - Lost Kingdom - Village

This wonderful hidden object game gives you the unique opportunity to find amazing hidden items with beautiful scenes. 3 in 1 Pack: - Vampire Rooms Hidden Objects - Lost Kingdom Hidden Objects - Mystery Village Hidden Objects


  • Beautiful high-quality images
  • Addictive Hidden Object gameplay
  • Catchy sound effects and music!
  • Differences randomized on each play
  • 3 modes of hints if you get stuck
  • Try to score the Highest score!
  • No ADS!

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30 August 2014

I love hidden object games. But this one was just okay. It took me hardly any time at all to beat it. Compared to the games from HOG.com this was just not as good. No seemingly coherent theme or atmosphere. Just disappointing. And the menu scene is very confusing. I will only buy HOG.com games from now on.


27 June 2014

Had to recheck the description after loading to see if I missed that it was a child's game. Haven't actually seen any object that was hidden because they are all in very plain sight. I even tried completing one without looking at the list of items and got all but one before I had to look at the list! Not a bad app but should be marketed for "Under 7", not for "7 Plus".