Hill Bike Stunts Crazy Racing

One of the best and challenging bike stunts 3D on display, you would ever come across with. Ride your bike in spectacular environment with great controls and realistic bike physics and suspension. Enjoy the bike stunts game as a rider in different environments, hilly and uneven terrain, not to forget the lava and crazy stunts over the water lakes. These features and a lot more would make this game different from what you get in an ordinary bike games or bike racing games. These unbelievable and crazy stunts requires some mad skills and courage which will keep you busy for hours. Timing while controlling the speed and placing your bike in the key positions for these stunts, wheelies or front-flips to be executed properly is the key factor of this bike stunts game. Race and keep collecting most of the coins to earn star as you go uphill or down the hill, for the new motorcycle to unlock with added features. You will earn bonus points, if you complete some of these extreme bike stunts with the front-flips or back-flips and even with the wheelies like pro racer. Get ready for the challenges of unique hill climb as a hill racer. You have to be careful not to fall down from the cliff or lose control of bike once you are on the top of the hills, getting ready for these crazy motorcycle stunts to initiate. Your rivals are keeping a close eye on you and your mad skills to score more points in this hill climb racing game. So have lots of fun with this crazy combo of spectacular motorcycle stunts and realistic hill climbing race.


  • Different bikes with unrealistic crazy upgrades through coins collection.
  • Numerous levels and environments perfectly tailored for this hill climb racing
  • Realistic and smooth bike physics and suspension.
  • Free fun guaranteed.
  • Crazy Cool stunts, wheelies and front-flips in this race.
  • Quality Graphics
  • Select different positions to check these amazing stunts.
  • Loads of fun in uphill racing.
  • Game play in mountain caves, lakes and hill.