Holy Bible Verses

Holy Bible Verses, ideal for Believers in God and Jesus Christ Holy Bible Verses - Sayings and quotes of the holy Bible are brought closer to you. Holy Bible Verses will help you to deepen your connection to the one almighty God and his only son Jesus Christ. We bring you more that 10.000 unique, animated views on words of Love, Peace, Faith and Wisdom of the Bible. Read sayings of the holy saints and the apostles from the Old Testament and the New Testament. And learn from their words of wisdom. With Holy Bible Verses, AppOrigine wants to strengthen your faith and love and lead you onto the right path to follow Jesus Christ. Key features of Holy Bible Verses App are: - Holy Bible Verses presents you countless bible passages fitted to deepen your personal connection to the almighty God and his only son Jesus Christ. - Holy Bible Verses shows you the references to the Bible passage of any quote, so you can read more and deepen your understanding. - Holy Bible Verses displays numerous relaxing and calming background images with animation and Christian icons to give you a good experience while reading parts of the holy scripture. - Holy Bible Verses needs few resources and comes in the AppoQuality you are used to. By downloading Holy Bible Verses, you get the tool to deepen your Christian faith and strengthen your connection and love to god - every day. Become a better believer and improve your understanding and knowledge of the bible, though the words of wisdom within the Holy Bible Verses App. Holy Bible Verses is an App, specially made for those who believe in the love of the one, almighty God and his son, Jesus Christ. Holy Bible Verses is an ideal present for Christmas! After downloading Holy Bible Verses, you can rate us or leave a comment. We will then pray for you! Be the love of Jesus Christ with you, in eternity.


  • Countless bible passages
  • Quotes with references to the bible
  • Pretty background pictures while reading
  • Christian icons
  • Cool Animations
  • Over 10.000 different pages