Holy Quran - قرآن كريم

And as for those who make (men) keep the Scripture, and establish worship lo! We squander not the wages of reformers. 7:170 Download Quran Application on your device and enjoy Browsing the Holy Quran By Surah or juze’ in a simple and easy way, you can read the Holy Quran in Arabic or translated in the English Language. Select “Save Last Reading position” on so you can continue reading from the last page you have stopped last time also you can search the whole Quran or a specific Surah for a word or a whole phrase and get results quickly. The Application Helps you read Quran Correctly as the letters are colored by tajweed rules and there is an index of colors and meanings for Tajweed rules. This is not everything…know all the reason of elevations of Quranic verses from the application directly, also you can read tafseer from famous tafseer books within the app directly Share the blessings with your friends and family by sharing Quranic verses and Application link through facebook, twitter…etc The application supports English and Arabic language, Download now and do not forget to rate… Note: application content is on arabic , but the UI supports english and arabic

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25 August 2016



23 August 2016

That is very good for reading the holy Quran and I have a suggestion please translate the holy Quran to Dari language. tank you.


17 August 2016

it very awesome I personally like this app


26 July 2016

I'm really exited


21 July 2016

I love reading this holy book so hanks for keeping it as an app


20 July 2016

very good


19 July 2016



23 June 2016

may Allah rewards you the this wonderful app


22 June 2016



14 June 2016

it's excellent !!

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