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    *** UPDATES *** -Live tiles now update on any task change or sync action! -Fixed minor bugs.

Hot Tasks

Hot Tasks will make managing your tasks SIMPLE and EASY! With features like Google Tasks Sync and View Tasks By Heat, you will be able to manage your tasks from anywhere and identify what needs to get done first! Using Google Tasks, all you have to do is click the "Sync" button to keep all of your devices synchronized! Hot Tasks allows you to easily edit your tasks after creating them. You can simply click the task you want to edit and start typing. To create a new task, while typing, just hit the return key to have a new task added to the list. If you want to move one or more tasks to a different list, just drag and drop them onto the list you want to move them to. You can select multiple tasks and then drag them all at once. For Syncing tasks with Google Tasks, you will need a Google Account. You can create an account at https://accounts.google.com/SignUp or use the "Sign Up" button in the top right of the screen after Clicking "Sync" on the app bar. There is an advertisement displayed and a 5 task list limit until the user chooses to upgrade.


  • Reorder tasks by simply dragging them into place
  • Move tasks to a new list by dragging and dropping them into a new list
  • Pin task list to start page
  • Search tasks with suggestive search words
  • Share task lists to other apps
  • Accept shared lists from other apps
  • Print task lists
  • Sync task lists with Google Tasks
  • Sync tasks with Google Tasks
  • View completed tasks
  • Sort tasks by Heat (based on due date / date created)
  • Sort tasks by Text
  • Add task
  • Add task list
  • Insert task by hitting Enter when editing a task
  • Delete task by hitting backspace after task text is cleared
  • Edit task title, due date, and position
  • Edit task list title and position
  • Multi-select tasks
  • Snapped view

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26 June 2015

Needs to support Vertical Screens.


11 January 2015

This app does everything it says and allows for a lot of versatility and functionality. The fact that you get to try it for free shows you that the creator has well founded confidence in their product. Very pleased with my purchase.


3 January 2015

I like the concept a lot, but the app keeps deleting random tasks off my list. I would use again if not for that.


15 September 2014

works great for the needs that we have....a superb tool for managing tasks and tasks to be done in this law firm.


8 September 2014

This MOSTLY does what I need. I have tried a dozen different "To-Do" apps. This is currently my go to app. The following is my 'wish list': You can't add NOTES. You can't set the due TIME. You can't add notes. You can't adjust the COLORS. You can't add NOTES. Tasks marked complete still waste space on the live tile. You can't add NOTES. There is no "lock screen" display. And one other thing, you can't add NOTES. It does sync to Google tasks. It has a nice live tile. I'm not sure yet how well the live tile updates.


15 August 2014

no functionality, no handling and like the whole Microsoft app store - bulls**t. that's the new windows 8 app experience? lol.


10 August 2014

I would give it a 5 star if when I deleted a task or completed it on my Note 3 phone it showed deleted or completed on my Windows 8 computer. It syncs new items but not completed one's. Please fix and I will give it a five star. I paid for the upgrade to.


21 July 2014

Meets my needs, works with google tasks. Just what I need.


15 May 2014

Cute interface and seems stable, can drag and drop, sync with google, and has gestures. If that's enough and you're ok with $2.49, go for it. My gripe, no notes. I use Google Tasks with a title and a note. I care more about the notes than the titles. This app seems to support only task titles, not notes. Since notes are my primary use, this program is useless. If you don't use notes, give it a try.


13 April 2014

Can't see additional notes. Each task is only visible as title. Eg, my shopping list would have "things to buy for camp", but there is no way to see the remainder or my note. Alternative way is to create a new task for each item.

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