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    This update includes performance and functionality improvements.

HP Connected Music

** NEW FEATURES ** "Your Life Deserves a Soundtrack" HP Connected Music is an evolutionary music app that integrates your music files with streaming and radio services. Many users have large music libraries in addition to using other services to discover new artists and genres. HP Connected Music brings both together and provides users the ability to create blended playlists for their listening enjoyment. This update includes performance and functionality improvements.


  • Mix and match songs from your music library and supported streaming services to create custom playlists
  • Free access to Tune-In radio with 100,000 real radio stations and more than four million podcasts from all over the world
  • Ambient mode playback experience (for HP products that support ambient mode)

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22 August 2016

This is a Cool app to listen to it plays all my songs that I added from my phone to my pc now I have all my favorites that I can listen to when I don't need my phone around.


17 August 2016

Why does windows force me to download this app for the type of audio file I'm trying to play why cant I use media player huh?


28 June 2016

for this a great app it even puts album pictures I download there yippy


18 June 2016

I give this app a 1 star as it does not allow the user to add remote drives for music source, yet will play the remote mp3 from windows explorer. Go figure.


2 June 2016

Nothing works. I downloaded this stupid crap because apparently the audio file for the contest Im trying to enter requires it, but since this stupid crap doesn't work I don't get to participate. Thanks a lot


24 May 2016

This thing sucks wish I did not have to give a star writing


23 May 2016

I cannot get the thing to turn on! There are no directions!


18 May 2016

I have been trying to USE this app for over two hours. Absolutely nothing works. I've clicked on everything across the top bar: Home Top Charts Categories Collections Account Oh, yes, clicking on Account worked. It wants my credit card info. Uhm, NO! I'm not purchasing anything. I just want to listen to my music and audio selections.


17 May 2016

This app has hijacked my music. Looking for a way to disable.


11 May 2016

All I wanted to do was play one song, and it said I had to download this app...so I did. Well, it doesn't even work! I have tried to play the song, and it won't let me download the song onto the app or give me any directions as to how to actually play the song. I can't even find the app after I closed out of it. Terrible app and it seems kind of dumb that I need an app to play a song that I spliced together online. Especially when on other computers you just download the song and it plays...no app required.

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