HTML Programs

App for HTML learners. Basic to advanced level HTML programs are covered. Step by step tutorials. The following important concepts are covered in this app - Headings - Paragraphs - Text Formatting - HTML Styles - HTML Links - HTML Images - HTML Tables - HTML Lists - HTML Inputs If you are learning HTML language, this is a perfect app for you. This will get you started.

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1 November 2013

This is a very use app for please you also try


29 March 2013

Sorry but it really didn't do anything for me. If I could only test my coding with this app I would like it more. Why don't you make it so we could actually write code and test all your codes or add to your codes so that it won't be so boring? you could also have a refresh button so we can go back to default view if we messed up the coding :) It will also be very nice cause we won't have to open our notepad to put in codes and test the codes all the time. Please Update! :)