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    Version 2.2: - Fixed a crash for users of Hudl Technique signing into the app. Sorry about that! You need to be a member of a team on Hudl.com to use this app. Version 2.0: - Windows 8.1 Support - PlayTo Support - Play your current video to any supported device, like an Xbox 360 - Breakdown data headers now stay put while scrolling through the data - Fixed a couple issues causing crashes for a small number users


Hudl provides online video analysis and coaching tools to sports teams at all levels. Hudl is currently being used by high schools, colleges, youth leagues, and professional teams across the United States. This app is free with your Hudl membership, allowing you to watch any videos that you’ve uploaded to your Hudl account. Additionally, you’ll be able to view breakdown data you’ve added to your video clips – all you need is an internet connection. If you don’t have a Hudl membership, you can go to hudl.com to sign-up or start a free trial today!


  • NEW: Play your video to any supported PlayTo device, like an Xbox 360
  • Browse video by team, season, and opponent
  • Fullscreen viewing
  • Filter and sort clips
  • Download playlists to view them offline

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1 December 2015

doesn't allow me to watch videos and should allow us to see the persons highlight


1 October 2015

You can't edit game data in this app, but it's great for watching video while out and about and at practice. Best when you download the videos, but I can't figure out how to un-download the videos.


1 September 2015

Cannot figure out how to move from window to window. No help information


30 July 2015

I downloaded this app to my Windows Nextbook. It will not operate. Every time I attempt to open it, I am directed to a screen to buy the program for thousands of dollars. Nothing about it is free, evidently. I would pay $10 for it, but there are no options for this. I contacted support and they informed me that the app is free for Windows 8. I would love to use it, but so far I have been unable.


19 April 2015

You really need to add the drawing tools in. Seems like this was rushed to market.


17 March 2015

I really like the app but I would love to see more access and being able to add in Hudl recruit in some way. I also miss the drawing tools, which is what I was looking forward to being able to use the most. Good app but has potential to be ten times better.


8 February 2015

doesn't let me watch any videos... the app works fine on my ipad and iPhone but I can't watch any videos from the app on my laptop. They need to fix it.


27 October 2014

wont let me download


25 September 2014

I have access to newly added libraries when I login via the Web but not when I launch the App on my Windows 8 platform. Think there is a disconnect here in the cross-platform configuration.


6 September 2014

how do you log off on windows 8? Should have navigation menu along with thumbnails

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