Beautifully simple diagrams and outlines


  • Switch between a diagram and outline, Use a pen to write and draw in shapes, Automatically create diagrams and outlines from Word docs, Share directly to OneNote, Works with OneDrive

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23 July 2016

The app is 100% intuitive. No tutorial necessary. It was exactly what I wanted- maximum productivity / minimum learning curve.


13 May 2016

What a mess


5 October 2015

Been looking for simple tool to create and maintain mind maps. Tried a few tools including one note which I like a lot. However if you want to quickly create graphs of your wonderful ideas without having to spend a fortune and have a bunch of features that are frankly a waist of time then get this tool. Ok there are a few things that you should be aware of: 1. The UI is not completely intuitive. 2. Help docs are lacking/missing. 3. Home page needs to be easier to understand. Took me 15 minutes to figure out how to rename a mind map. (Press and hold map then pull down to select it. Options to rename will appear at the bottom) Having said that once you get to know how the UI works it is very easy to create a mind map. It still gets 5 star.


1 October 2015

Creates a project-style outline from my spatial Brain Dump doodles. This app is the missing link from my entire productivity process because my brain is constantly firing off synapses, yet I also prefer to organize linearly after scribbling my ideas out over a period of days for integration with Outlook Task Manager & forward planning. BRAVO!!!


4 August 2015

Windows Version really needs work!! No printing, no Help, exports only to OneDrive available in app, indents one way only, and the Diagram format has no structure. You have to manually manipulate the diagram, is really useless if you want to write a quick outline and then use it unless you do it in the laptop. I am very disappointed...a waste of time indeed.


23 April 2015

Nice product but having trouble printing


22 April 2015

works good


11 March 2015

works great. fairly easy to use. just lacks bi-directional arrows. not sure how to print my concept map after i have made it, so i've just screenshot-ed it and pasted into microsoft word to print.


3 February 2015

very simple app. creating nodes is easy. can move nodes. very logical and effective side menus. cons; text area is not usefull. to hide and Show it , should have to open right side menü. ones you are created nodes cannot move it other nodes as subnode. I dont find any way to create dubble relation into one node but it is cheap. can buy.


2 February 2015

I tried so many of the apps on here and it was finally between this app and Knowledge Builder (KB). KB was good, but very slow. Idea Sketch simply had more plusses. 1) It's a universal app, available on WP and Windows 8.1. 2) Create a tree from scratch, from a pic, from a document, from a's endless. 3) View as an outline at the touch of a button. 4) The ways to export are virtually endless. 5) Very fast. 6) Fairly intuitive. There were only a few things that I would love to see changed. 1) Labeling connections between things. 2) The ability to Rename the map from inside the Map. 3) True "live" syncing between the WP app and W8.1 app. That's it, it truly is, in my opinion, the best app that is available by a long shot. Enjoy it. :)

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