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    - Improved accuracy of location services. - New registration system to save your places to the cloud. - Bug fixes.

INRIX Traffic

Save time, gas and money by avoiding traffic. INRIX Traffic puts the power of real-time incidents on your desktop and on the go with Windows 8 tablets. “INRIX is the leading provider of traffic information…” – Car and Driver Key INRIX Traffic Privacy policy can be found at http://www.inrixtraffic.com/privacy.asp


  • Avoid delays with real-time traffic info from the world’s largest traffic network.
  • Never get stuck in traffic again with traffic forecast.
  • View traffic incidents on your route such as accidents, police, construction, and events.
  • Explore traffic in remote locations.

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23 July 2015

I love the design of this app, but I don't like how whenever I sign into the app that it says "Account Not Found". And it doesn't sync my account information with the app.


25 February 2015

The app, itself, seems pretty useful for getting traffic information, though I'm skeptical about it's "predicted" traffic for the entire day. (Especially since it shows almost no congestion during the drive home, from work, and that is rarely true.) Registration, itself, however is extremely bugged. I tried to register and it gave unknown errors, accepting the password. I closed and re-opened the register window, and it claimed I was signed in, but the app still said "Not signed in". I closed the entire app and re-opened it, and I was finally considered signed in.


20 December 2014

can't sign in


12 December 2014

I live in SF which is super saturated with both traffic and data. You'd think that if I download Inrix as an app it would get my location correct. Nope. You'd think that I could correct it myself. Nope. You'd think that there would be a way to navigate to my current location. Yep, except for it navigated me to a place a mile away - the same place it thinks i'm at. So I did what I do with 99% of the windows apps - I uninstalled it. What a waste of my time. Developers - put your pride, your profit, and your egos away for a moment and give us apps and tools that serve OUR needs, the way WE want the FIRST time. novel idea, huh?


28 November 2014

Constantly crashes. It is useless as it currently is.


29 September 2014

Sure, it seems to be highway dependent to get me home, but geeze... allow customization of my routes to give me the flexibility of routes I already know.


11 August 2014

Needs ability to hide Inrix Places. Why that "feature" needs to take up 1/4 of the screen is beyond me. It should be on a menu and not part of the main screen. Needs to remember the map view you were on when you last closed the app. If you zoom in too far you lose the color coding for the traffic. You have to zoom in to read road names then zoom out to get the traffic colors to show up. Mouse pointer never changes from a hand to an arrow when you hover over one of the icons on the map. Makes it hard to tell if you are actually clicking on the icon or just the map. App is losing stars the more I use it. Might be time to uninstall until 2 or 3 more updates.


22 June 2014

That I really live in Seattle and not NY. I can't get this app to recognize that I live in NY. It won't get my location. Just constantly tells me I'm in Seattle. Am I in Seatlle? Has this been a joke all along? Just like their app on Windows Phone, this is useless and doesn't work right. I get better traffic updates via carrier pigeon.


21 June 2014

I love this app on my phone. thanks for bringing it to Windows 8.


20 June 2014

Overall a pretty good app that I use mostly on my desktop machine before venturing into traffic. One problem appears when zooming. As you get in closer on the map, the traffic information overlay disappears. Only when you pull out again does the traffic info show up once again. That's annoying when trying to view neighborhood traffic and nothing else. Overall this needs a speed/performance boost but it's on the right track. Please keep the updates coming.

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