Open your creativity with InspirARTion! Whether you are beginner or a master artist, this simple app will help you create a beautiful design right on your smartphone or tablet. Drawing, painting, and designing are all built right into InspirARTion. You can sketch or paint with a number of brushes that allow you to utilize many different types of effects. You can even use existing photos as templates to create your own work or even as a study guide. The expert designers of this app have taken all of the art tools that you love and combined them all into this one amazing art app. This awesome app will fast become your favorite platform on which to inspire electronic artwork and even hand sketches and paintings. With the wide range of colors and tools, you can make amazing art that you can save, send to your computer, print, or even share with your friends from your files on your mobile devices. Create interesting and even mind-blowing graphic art. Draw a picture of your cherished pets and loved ones. Draw unique custom pictures and art that you will want to keep forever. Download today to get inspired. Whether you are sharing your art online and offline with all of your friends, or keeping them for yourself, InspirARTion is the only art app you will need.


  • The way to explore your creativity
  • Amazing brushes
  • Symmetry modes
  • Option to save and share your drawings
  • Stylus pressure support
  • Tap devices to share your pictures (for devices with NFC)

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21 February 2016

I already have this its pretty good , I dont know why its 2.99 on chrome book its free I'm confused when it comes to apps .


9 September 2015

This a great and cheep app :)


10 August 2015

the brushes make the entire experience well worth using


2 August 2015

I just got the free trial and I love it! First thing tomorrow I'm going to own it. Anyone looking for a nice easy sketch program, I suggest this one.


24 July 2015

I totally encourage you to get this app!!!! It's a lot of fun and completely free!!!


2 July 2015

This app is exactly what I was looking for..!!!


8 June 2015

This app let's me do so many things to expand my art.


6 June 2015

Good shit


25 April 2015

So far, I'm only in the free trial and I'm loving it. The sketch option is really fun, and the smudge option makes it easy to add value and blend colors. Like I saw in another review, it is similar to Fresh Paint, but this is easier to figure out and maneuver, and as an artist, I believe it's better quality :^)


9 April 2015 far. The only thing that I don't like is that it skips when I draw long or quick strokes. I love that I can use my Wacom tablet and draw on my Surface. I'd like to be able to change the canvas size and texture, though.

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