Intel® Education Help Guide: Learning Windows* 8

Multi-taskers be warned, Windows 8 might frustrate, before it fascinates! This free app is designed to leap you past the discomfort and into delight. Great for educators and students, the Intel® Education Learning Windows 8 app can help you find time-tested friends like the Desktop, charms, live tiles, and an option to power down to get your through airport security and onto your destination.


  • Learn about the new Start screen
  • Moving between the Start screen and the desktop
  • Downloading apps from the Windows Store
  • Using the Task Manager
  • PC settings and the Control Panel
  • Locating standards like File Explorer and Search
  • Using new apps like News and Finance in the classroom
  • Saving images and documents to the cloud with SkyDrive
  • How to access your Printer
  • Password protection and Productivity tools
  • Using the touchscreen
  • And much, much more!