iris. is your personal friend who can answer topics ranging from Mozart to stock prices. Just ask iris. what you want to know. Right from asking how to cope up with your breakup to movie recommendations and questions on science, weather, culture, history etc.


  • Answers General Knowledge queries
  • tells the weather in metric units
  • tells the latest stock prices
  • searches and plays videos on YouTube
  • tells the news
  • search in iris
  • share iris replies
  • show and save high quality backgrounds
  • evaluates simple arithmetic explessions
  • gives metric conversions
  • gives currency conversions

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18 November 2015

ask a question and iris replies "say what" or Hey .... What did you say ? o1109923029120230`=~ ^11001010010,


4 November 2013

I asked, "who is the president of the united states?" I got "." What the heck does that mean? This needs a lot more work.


2 February 2013

Iris gets confused at times. Then blames it on your internet connection. :)


28 December 2012

needs a voice control


19 December 2012

iris is ok if you want to have a conversation it will talk to you and stuff but it doesn't really have any real knowledge like if you ask it question on science and stuff it will just stall.


20 November 2012

My favourite feature is Win+F and select iris to get an instant response. While I am doing anything! Disclaimer: I work for the startup that built iris, though I was not directly involved in building iris8.


15 November 2012

Aye tried some general minimum questions but it always failed to answer. It is Crap


13 November 2012

when asked a question always says : 'I can ask my'.... what does it stand for?... also doesn't answer any...


4 November 2012

it answered every question I had accurately and practically


10 October 2012

It is good but it needs a lot more work. For example, it should get a cards interface like the Android version.

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