Islam Inspire

Islam Inspire is an application which will serve as your one way portal to the ultimate dimension of Islam. Be inspired on a regular basis now, with ease of touch and an extremely easy to use interface. Meant for individuals of all ages, to comprehend the divine nature, and unravel the true definition of Islam.


  • Read An Ayah: This feature displays a randomly selected Ayah from the Holy Qur'an. Read an ayah and ponder over its meaning throughout the day.!
  • Today’s Hadith: This feature serves to share beautiful and inspiring ahadith everyday. Read the words of the Prophet (S.A.W.S.) and try to implement them in your daily life.
  • Prayer Timings: Never be late for Salah again! Just check today's prayer timings or monitor this month's prayers by staying ahead with this month's prayer timetable.
  • Tasbeeh: A very easy to use and attractive dhikr counter. Glorify your Lord and count your statistics! Save and continue to see how far you can go to attain to the Supreme delight of the Creator.
  • Names Of Allah: This feature allows you to read &/or listen to the recitation of the The Most Beautiful 99 Names of Allah the Almighty with their meaning. Read, listen and try to memorize by heart.
  • Quran: Select a Surah and be mesmerized by the Book of The Creator. Read the translation ( Sahih International), and achieve enlightenment . Listen and dwell in the melody of the words of Allah.
  • 40 Hadith: Hadith on different aspects of life. A Guide to Practical Living. Learn them and be among the learned and the scholars on the day of Qiyamah! (Hadith)
  • Everyday Supplications: Duas concerning all the circles of human nature and situations. Recite them and see the magic happen!
  • Duas from the Holy Qur'an: Duas explicitly mentioned in the Holy Qur'an. Read them regularly and experience the change.
  • The 6 Kalimas: Renew your faith by reading & learning the basic fundamentals of Muslim beliefs.
  • Islamic IQ: Try out your knowledge of Islam by attempting a short basic Islamic quiz. Give it go and see how much you know about Islam!

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22 February 2016

I like it. the app is most useful for seeking islam.. and for using islam on the best way of it. and learn some thing clear from it.


7 February 2016

I u love islam then check this. it will give u pleasure


3 February 2016



12 June 2015

nice one


28 May 2015

May Allah will bless you with this kind work for which you have done...


6 April 2015



10 March 2015

My Lovable App which make me to earn Good Deeds.


17 February 2015

Maybe have the option to share ahadeeth??


12 February 2015

Nice work guys. Keep it up. A little suggestion: Kindly reduce the frequency of first animating view. Over all a very nice and simple app.


25 October 2014

I got this for my kids so I will see if it is useul for them.

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