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    - New languages added! French and Portuguese are available now! - New exclusives and special offers! New users can buy resource packs with at a special price now! - Three quest lines added! Simon, Loran and Fanny will tell you about their adventures. Check your village frequently - quests are not available every moment! - Several minor bugs were fixed - Cupids are going to visit your farm! Wait for their arrival!

Island Village

Wish you were in a tropical paradise? Haven't seen the sun and the ocean for a while? Need some adventure in your life? If so, you are in the right place! A sea voyage has gone completely wrong for a group of brave traveling cats. Now they have to make a new home on an island where no cat has ever stepped before. You will need to help them construct buildings from everything that they can lay their paws on, grow wondrous plants on their farm, become friends with the local population and, of course, unveil the mysteries of this land lost in time. City building has never been as simple and exciting as it is in Island Village. No characters are as cute and funny as the group of our courageous cats! Will your village be the best? What will you discover on the beautiful shore when the tide is low? Will the indigenous population be friendly, or will you have to fight for your life? - Build your own village on a remote paradise island; - Find all of the cat-friends that were lost during a shipwreck; - Make hundreds of objects and articles, turning the island into a flourishing civilization; - Tame exotic animals; - Unveil many secrets of the mysterious island; - Explore all of the corners of the land unknown and make new friends! _____________________________________________ Visit the Island Village community on Facebook: http://ggam.es/Islandvillage Copyright © 2015 Startek Invest Limited