iSpyUI provides a modern UI for the popular open source surveillance software iSpy. Using iSpyUI you can watch, control and browse your cameras and microphones from anywhere on your local network for free (remote access requires an ispy subscription).


  • Watch Live Cameras
  • Record Video
  • Record Audio
  • Control PTZ
  • Multi Cam Views
  • Upload to YouTube
  • Issue Remote Commands
  • Floorplan Views
  • Switch Cameras On or Off
  • Zooming TimeLine Viewer
  • RealTime Motion Notifications
  • Badge Integration
  • Captured Video Playback
  • Secure (HTTPS) Login

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2 November 2015

Russian programmers the BEST !!!


8 March 2015

How do you delete the game if it is still pending


29 January 2015

It wants you to do all this stuff don't get it at all


5 October 2014

I try


26 June 2014

People who say it does not work are wrong. They are just not familiar with the loopback so it's user error, but iSpy should find a solution or warn people. The app is buggy but nice to have.


30 May 2014



30 April 2014

States you can us this free, if you on the same LAN. Get Access Denied on the same machine as the ispy server.


22 April 2014

In general good functionality, ok with win 8.1 update, still improvements needed. In order to have it working through VPN, make sure that you have access both to the computer using iSpy and also to internet for server authentication.


13 January 2014

I hate this app. Its not even on my start screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And because of it, I cant use any type of camera cause I cant uninstall it. I once again..............HATE THIS APP!


1 January 2014

It would take an hour to figure out how to download it form the Windows store.

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