Comments for JAPANESE - (Video Course)


13 November 2012

It doesn't help you learn the special characters but it helps you if you're a tourist in Japan


4 November 2012

The application does work. The idea behind having one English tutor and then different foreign language speakers (so they can reduce the time to create additional foreign language classes) seems to somehow miss the mark. The foreign language speaker speaks extremely quickly, the focus is on the English tutor, and not very interactive which to me lessens the opportunities to learn.


18 March 2013

Only three videos are made available which won't teach you much. Most videos will cost $11 to $18 EACH depending on if you want online access or download. You pay $2 just to view the three videos and to be able to buy more. The videos are well done and great for learning. However, you can find much cheaper and better ways to spend money to learn Japanese. This was a waste of $2!