JavaScript Programs

This is reference app for all those who are learning/using JavaScript. We have listed all the important and yet basic concepts of JavaScript. Concepts covered - If - Else statement, Loops (for, while, do while), Functions, Alert boxes, Events, Error handling & so on. A must have app for JavaScript learners.

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11 December 2014



16 October 2014

I have been having 3rd party active device manager applied to my accounts and my husband has been responsible for bringing someone back in here to stop me from continuing on, it is no fun to repeatedly try to get on line with the internet explorer java scripts blocking pages...I hope that someone at Microsoft will look into this because the biz program was installed 1 week 6/6/2013 on this pc by a person who did not get my permission to us my identity for any other purpose than was requested in 1987 and some of the items in this hard drive are prior to 5/30/13, when I first put data in a outta the box I am a client with realteck family controller being used to make my life miserable...I am tired of the persons who take my 1stamendment rights away for there purposes that to say the least are fraudulent and my whole family has suffered...hopefully everyone on line will see this and be very careful with who you do biz with online, we are truly never safe from crooks


1 September 2014

well I am having real trouble with this app when I try to download apps it keeps saying I need java script but I have the thing it's messing up my pc showing I have it downloaded but when I try other things it still says that I need the app help fix it please I am on a fixed income money is very tight . Jean Stallworth


21 August 2014

this is very good application


20 March 2014



25 September 2013

this is for good programing


3 April 2013

I Think You Used SQLite For Developemt. you need developed snap view,filled view,share charm,search charm,tiles,notification it all easy only, try to include make the interface perfect.. but any I beginner in javascript I got some key idea while studying it. thank you .......