JDM – Édition E

Enjoy the Journal de Montréal e-edition enhanced with the latest digital tools. Download to start your 14 day free trial today! Read a digital replica of the Journal de Montréal print edition in its original format, on your mobile device wherever you go. Simple, user-friendly navigation allows you to flip through your Journal de Montréal newspaper like never before! Enlarge text for easy reading or even listen to the news 'read to you' all with just one click. Enhance your SUN experience with a SUN+ account, providing you with unlimited access to journaldemontreal.com and its mobile app. If you’re not already a SUN+ subscriber, simply visit journaldemontreal.com/abonnement and register today.

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11 July 2014

J'adore cette application, enfin le vrai journal en format électronique, merci!:)


11 March 2014

Très bonne app