Jungle Horse Run

Jungle Horse Run will provide you run games experience while having an adventure horse riding journey in a jungle with Arrow & Bow as simultaneously you are playing role of Archer master who hunt down the wild animals coming on his way with his archer successfully and heads forward. While having your adventurous journey in Jungle while riding the horse you have to be carefully escape from deadly animals like lions, elephants, forest dogs etc., as if you miss to shoot or kill them, they might hunt you down in jungle. The game is with amazing 3D graphics, realistic & smooth game play, and cool 3D animations with full of challenges yet easy to play. Enjoy controlling the horse while horse adventure travel through the Jungle and avoid the deadly animals, obstacles & hurdles along your way by switching the lanes/path or by jumping above the obstacles or shooting Animals. To save yourself from the animals you have to shoot the Animals on right time to kill them and jump over them properly otherwise your horse & Archer might collide with the hurdles & animals. Collect Coins along your way to increase your score multiplier. HOW TO PLAY: For Window Phone / Tablet:- *** Avoid Obstacles & hurdles *** Tap on "screen" to switch lanes of horses. *** Tap on "jump button" to jump over the hurdles. *** Collect Coins to increase your multiplier. *** Remember to time your jumps properly otherwise you will fall down. *** Avoid Animals or shoot Animals along your way otherwise your horse & Archer will Die. For Window PC:- *** Use Arrow Keys to control the Horse. ***Use Space Key To Shoot Animals. Scoring: *** Collect Coins to increase your multiplier. *** Get score by jumping over the hurdles & each type of hurdle has different sets of points. *** Shoot the Animals otherwise your horse will be Dying if you are come in front of them. If you love to ride horse in forest, download Jungle Horse Run for free and enjoy ultimate Jungle Horse Run experience.


  • Smooth Controls
  • Realistic 3D graphics
  • Amazing sounds and background music
  • Smooth animations
  • Beautiful 3D environment
  • Realistic game play.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Smooth Camera movement
  • Fun and addicting

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14 July 2015

this game has really fun things to do. I think this game is really good.